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Monday, November 10, 2008

Underneath The Bird Feeder, In Pokeberry This Morning

Well, I can tell I need to go fill up my feeder, all the birds are down on the ground hunting for spilled seeds. That's actually fine, I'd rather they do that than just waste it. There are many birds that are very messy when they eat so there is always a part of seed that ends up wasted. The chipmunks and squirrels help with that however and in warm weather some of it becomes little sunflowers--which is nice--or maybe millet or grass plants.

I've got a bit pot of soup on the stove this morning. I got some fresh baby spinach on sale this weekend and last week I picked up some kidney beans. I made a soup with a half jar of spaghetti sauce, chicken stock, celeriac--cuz again someone ate my celery!, carrots, 2 potatoes, italian spices mainly and some german dill based spices. It smells pretty good, but won't be done for a while. I'm going to have it for lunch along with a salad featuring a little leftover grilled chicken and salsa and corn. :)With Ranch-- yum!

I've been trying to get more info on the house we found this weekend and the land prices near it and what exactly is in that area shopping wise--yes they do have a Harris Teeter--but it is in nearby city about 10 minutes drive.I can do that. :)
There is also a library of course, and perhaps someday if I moved there I could get a spot there. No telling now.

I've looked up heating and cooling information for the house too--since it doesn't have duct work and the builder has installed a hyro-sil heat system I wanted to know what that is and what the options for cooling are.

Otherwise I'm just hanging out. It is chilly here! I got up in the middle of the night to put some heat on. I keep remembering that I'm spending Thanksgiving in Wisconsin--where it is probably going to be somewhat colder than I am used to now that I've been down here so long.

I've got a little leftover chicken thawing for Junior the kitten, I'll feed him when I get outside to fill the bird feeders and bath.

The next couple days I am working afternoon and evening then I'm off until Saturday. I hope to get the veggie garden all cleaned up this week. Leaves are falling like crazy. This weekend we mowed and did leaf blowing twice. We finished and a neighor 'helped us out' by sharing his. :( Ah well no point crying over leaf messes, they're going to come back anyhow as the trees are nowhere near done. The gutters are pretty full right now but I know from last year that its best to wait and clean them in December or you just end up doing it again. I think its smart to keep up with leaf blowing more often so they don't get too heavy--but gutter cleaning--once is enough.

Waiting for some answers on land prices and finance/price options on that 1/2 finished house we found... that's so interesting. Its hard not to think about. I have to watch out though cuz I let this house hunting stuff distract me sometimes and I never really know for sure if it will all work for us or not.

We'll see.

A lovely day in Pokeberry, I should get those feeders filled though the birds are here en masse!

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  1. I too have filled my bird feeder to the full for the coming winters, too have purchased a new one through Ace Hardware.