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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Big Dog and Chickens?

Hubby wants a big dog.
I guess I really don't. We had big dogs all our married life, until we left Wisconsin. Now we just have a pair of small parrots. We both agreed that we think a dog is a good idea for safety sake when you live in the country--just because you then are fully aware if anyone comes near. Since we'll likely be living in a shed and possibly RV/shed combination--we would like a dog. I'd like a small dog. One that I can take along if I travel and not have to kennel. That's on our little discussion list.

The other item under discussion is chickens. He doesn't mind if I have chickens but he doesn't want them to cost more than buying chickens. Which means they need to be mainly free range and eat scraps and garden things--and I could of course grow a garden just for them--something I'd been thinking of doing for my parrots anyhow. The other expense he doesn't like is for slaughtering. He also is not interested in picking any feathers himself. So--I have to prove that I can have them slaughtered cheaply or I have to do the deed myself. Hmmmm.. Well I'm looking into it anyhow.

I think chickens are a big advantage. We won't be able to have a garbage disposal with a septic system--so I'll be doing more composting--I am not entirely sure we'll have regular trash pick up--but I'm going to find out. I think chickens are great for disposing of scraps--they eat just about anything. They also will 'de-bug' the garden inbetween crops while fertilizing and cultivating--free. Some types of chickens will be good alarm birds as well--which could eliminate the need for big dog. (but I know Hubby just wants a big dog, sort of like I just want chickens) Chickens are of course also good entertainment. Sort of like having our parrots except more outside than in.

Well its all fun to research and argue.

We are going out to our house this afternoon to measure rooms, take pictures and talk to the seller about various construction related things. I'm hoping to get a better look at the shed and at the chicken coop. I'm also hoping he's cleared out a significant amount of stuff so we can walk about more easily.

Meanwhile I'm compiling my grocery lists today with Grocery Game and doing yet more laundry.

I also just re-seasoned a bunch of cast iron pots and pans. I get up early usually so much is done. I do tend to drop early though. When I have to work nights I take naps before work so I won't drop before I get home.

Well we are making our plans to begin work on the new place. Hubby already has a plan of attack ready for what work to do first. I am concentrating on preparing a place on the property where we will be comfortable to live while the house is being worked on--so we can move and save the rent money for building expenses. It will kind of be like camping or a like a fishing trip to Northern Wisconsin--we used to rent cabins for that. The difference will be--no fish, and no going home after the week is over.

Shed sweet shed?

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