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Friday, December 19, 2008

Building Permit Obtained.. A New Plan for the 'Cabin'

Yesterday I gathered together all my cleaning supplies, a veritable arsenol of things for scrubbing just about anything. I also grabbed a fan and 2 fold up chairs. I went with Hubby out to our new place where he and I did some final measurements on the floorplan of the house so we could take our floorplan sketch to the county zoning and permit folks and obtain a building permit.

While there I was going to start cleaning the cabin (shed). Hubby walked in though and saw the somewhat aghast look on my face and said he thought we ought to just tear out the floor and replace it rather than me scrub it. I simply picked up my stuff and put it back in my car and said--"okeedokee" no argument.

I had to use my inhaler several times after my brief visit to our 'cabin'. I decided that I am allergic to the cat--or at least most definitely to his purrfume.

This was a setback to me--I had planned to get alot done. I purchased paint and painting supplies including 2 cans of appliance epoxy to use on the fridge--which needs cleaning and then must have the rust buffed off with steel wool that is on the door and I will pain it. I plan to paint the walls semi-gloss off white and the fridge white, tear out the awful old filthy curtains and replace them with something clean and perky and then of course clean every inch, nook and cranny of this thing.

Hubby wants to open the two sides of the cabn to each other so you don't have to walk outside to go from the kitchen half (which may end up our bedroom as well) to the laundry and shower side. He will also replace the shower which is literally walled with plastic --as in plastic bag plastic.

Today he is taking our son out there to do all this. We expect a budget of about $150 to complete the job, I already spent about 70 on paint and painting supplies. I did have to purchase some cleaning supplies as well but had most of them.

We walked about our new property for a while and talked about things, which trees need to be cleaned up, what kind of trees we have, what views we have, how will the seller get all this junk out of here? What if he doesn't? How to do we impress the urgency of his deadline on him?

After that we went for a nice country drive to the county seat about 40 minutes away to get our building permit. Once there we got copies of all the old permits and inspections that were done by the first owner for $2.75. We filled out a disclosure form basically stated that we are doing the work on this place ourselves without a contractor--this is for anyone who buys the house from us in the future. We took that form downtown to the clerk of courts who witnessed our signatures and got copies of it for 50cents. We paid I think it was $10 for that form. We then went back to the zoning folks and got the actual building permit which was $160 based on the fact that we plan to put about $30,000 in the house--but that will be over quite a long period. The former ower paid more for his permits but he has put more into the building than we have to as it is now all dried in with windows and doors and walls--although no dry wall yet and we do have to do all the finishing work.

The process was easy and straight forward.

We asked for an inspector to come take a look at what is there now so we have some idea how to proceed--in case any of the work done by the seller is not up to code and we need to re-do it before we get started on new things. The inspector will be there some time today. I said 'sometime'. No appointments.

So Hubby needs to be near enough to meet the guy all day today. He gave them his cell phone number and I am charging his phone now to be sure it will ring and he'll not miss that call!

Meanwhile I got an email from another camper owner--this one happens to be in the same town we are moving to. "Make an offer" the guy says, it has everything but a furnace.

Hmmm... I take all that skeptically. I have learned that my idea of a thing in good condition and other folks idea is not at all the same.

I am still shaking my head at the condition of the 'cabin' on our land. I know the folks were living in it just a week ago and it just about makes me feel ill. I have a thing for 'clean'. I don't care about poor or making do--but filth is filth right?

Well Meredith over at one of my favorite blogs, Like Merchant Ships, left me a comment they dealt with kitty purrfume by sealing the sub-floor with Kilz. (oil based primer) I mentioned that to Hubby. He's thinking he will likely tear out the floor anyhow because he thinks it is not very well built and would just prefer it to be better. Also he can take a good look at what is under the cabin that way. I'm not about to argue. He can do this if he likes. Chances are that cabin is going to be home or a substantial part of home for a long while I want it as nice as possible.

If the cabin will suffice for Hubby and I to live in, the kids can live in an RV parked next to us. (kids are both adults--college age)

As we get dry wall up and such like the house will be useable for some things too--but its not allowed to actually sleep in it until there is an occupancy permit. Hubby is going to be asking the inspector tons of ?????s today to find out what he must do to get to that point as quickly as possible.

This is quite an adventure. Its kind of like being pioneers. As a family our vacations when the kids were young almost always consisted of renting a cabin and going fishing in Northern Wisconsin or Minnesota. We did this for years. Always we used to think we'd like to stay up there. Of course now we are in a different state altogether but funny, our new place resembles Northern Wisconsin in several ways--it is very hilly and filled with evergreens and oaks. Nice! Of course we won't be getting a foot of snow today--or anytime soon most likely, and some of the neighbors have palm trees as well as the evergreens and oaks. ;)

Yesterday was in the 70s here. It won't stay that way but usually in the winter there are some days that are warm like that here and there. I bought my son a quilted flannel shirt yesterday while I was at Riteaid. They finally had his size. It was $12. I think he will get alot of use of it. My dad wore those with thermal underwear when he worked on things outside or in new houses. All we need now are some good strong work boots--so nobody steps on bad things.

Yesterday the house could have used AC! That's a little bit scarey actually as spring and summer come quickly here.

Well I am working today. This weekend I hope to get our house ready for my in-law's Christmas visit and do my very small amount of Christmas shopping. I also may try to go and start cleaning the cabin--but I have a feeling it will be in construction and that won't work out. No matter we can clean it when in-laws come. With a new floor it won't be near so grotesque.

Time to get ready for work. :)

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