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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Can We Live in a Shed?

I was out looking at our new house, with my friend and her hubby. The seller was busy with a bunch of folks, trucks, trailers, cars, etc. moving his big assortment of stuff off the land. I was glad to see he's busy at it. I know its going to take a while to clear the house and land of stuff. I'm so glad its not my job!

Anyhow I was looking things over and I had a chance to look inside the shed that the seller has been calling home. Its bigger than I had thought. There is water, electric and a propane cook stove, as well as a bathroom with shower and toilet. It will require a new water heater but otherwise its quite functional.

There had recently been some spicey chicken cooked on the stove so it was not really easy to stay inside long enough to give it a good look over--the spice was I think most likely cayenne and the air was kind of similar to pepper spray. I had to leave before he could show me more. That's ok. Hubby sometimes cooks like that. I'm not unused to pepper air--but I really cannot breath it.

I was thinking there is SO MUCH WORK to do here!! AY!

I was also thinking that as soon as we start, and have some of our tools out there--we're really going to have to start having someone sleep there. In the shed? In a used RV and the shed? Dunno yet. We have an alarm system we could hook up and it would alert us to intruders--but how far away are the local police? Dunno.
We're also going to have builder's risk insurance on the house--so that's good. But still--I don't think we want to leave the place abandoned when we aren't there.

Maybe Hubby and I will be spending many a night in that shed. I'm hoping when we go back out there tomorrow afternoon that we'll be able to see more of the inside of it--sans pepper spray. Then I can get a good idea of what I may be needing.

My friend and her hubby had alot to say when we were out there and enjoyed visiting it with me. That had lots of ideas too. :) She thinks its a great investment. I think it will be too in the long run-- if we don't try to add up the dollar value of sweat.

My little friend immediately pointed out her favorite garden location. She is sure it must be in the very front of the house. I hadn't really thought of that spot--but upon looking at it I think I may have to agree. It really is a good spot. It would get more water there, but not puddle as it is a sort of 'step' between the top of a hill and the steeper areas of the hill. I'd be able to look out over the garden just like I do now. As there are big windows overlooking it.

I think I will do as she suggested if its ok with Hubby.

She also pointed out where the chickens should be--well for goodness sake--there's a chicken coop and fenced yard! I don't know how I didn't realize what that was! So--ya-- how can I NOT have chickens. Hubby has a difference of opinion on that--but I'm thinking he'll be persuaded... just like he's been 'purr-suaded'. He doesnt' want a cat--but he figures if we aren't out there full time feeding it--it'll find another home. (note to self, bring cat food next time I go out there)

Well anyhow--this is going to be a lengthy adventure I think, and most likely will spur quite a few good stories--gosh--this might well be a book! I am anxious to get started but we do need the seller to get his stuff out of there first and we need to get our new building permit--after that-- life will get interesting won't it?

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  1. It all sounds so exciting and fun! So much to think about and do. A great project for a strong marriage also!