Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Chilly in Pokeberry

Hubby woke me around 4 am to ask why on earth I had turned the heat off. Well it wasn't cold yesterday. It is now. 20' at the moment.

Still that is 20 ABOVE zero so I will not complain, I do not have to go out and shovel anything either.

I hope our little dip won't scare our company, they are coming from Florida and I'm sure they don't do '20'. Thankfully we are warming up again tomorrow.

Yesterday I picked up 5 gallons of paint for our concrete block foundation. The basement has 8 to 10 feet of concrete block for walls. I bought an exterior latex. The guy at the paint store told me that since we aren't walking on it this should be good enough. Its less pricey than concrete paint, which you see the good folks on DIY network using--but hey--I am not trying to plug products here, just cover my blocks reasonably well without using all my money up.

When I picked my paint colors I went with a compromise. Hubby likes gray, I like brown. We got a brownish gray. I chose a very light shade for the concrete block so I could use the same paint outside on the foundation and inside for the basement walls--its not too dark for walls. :) I got Satin for the block. For the house siding or trim--not sure which--I chose a medium shade in flat. Flat and Satin looked better to me on the samples than Flat and Semi-gloss. I didn't want flat on the block I knew that--but I didn't want it to 'stick out' under flat house paint. For the house color I just picked up a quart, for the block I got 5 gallons. We're not ready to paint the house yes and I just wanted enough to see how it will look.

While I was getting the paint and doing my grocery and most of my Christmas shopping yesterday, Hubby and #2 Son continued to wire the house. This morning we had another discussion about the placement of kitchen outlets and last night we talked about interior doors--do we want to use the doors left by seller and make our own woodwork around them or do we want to spend money on pre-hung doors. I vote for using what we have. Hubby said, they aren't that much--well that much times how many?? I figure it would cost nearly $1000 to buy new doors. I'm sure there will be other things to spend that on.

Our goal is to get an occupancy permit before we run out money. THEN we can move in and spend what we now spend on rent to finish the house more completely. Everything needs to be bare bones for now, and it is looking more and more like I do need to do the big garden too. I'm thinking this is going to be one busy year!

Hubby is here getting ready to do his thing, he has let #2 Son sleep in a little, but will get him up in short while and they will hit the road. I will be going to work for the afternoon then finish up my shopping.

My mom-in-law and I wanted to have a nice roast for Christmas dinner. I didn't find a good price here so she is buying the meat today as it was about $10 less for the same piece of meat at her store. Yah... Mom-in-law is frugal too. kShe is freezing it overnight. Then she will put it in a cooler and bring it. It should thaw fine and stay cold by the time they arrive in Charlotte from Florida. I am in charge of the rest of dinner,and I want to have some soup and bread ready for them when they arrive from their trip. So I need to bake a couple of apple pies, pick up bread since my landlord gave me a Panera gift card--otherwise I'd have baked. I'm going to serve roasted herbed veggies, Au Jus, Potatoes and a Salad.

I'll be working tomorrow night, but I can have things ready before I go and with my Daughter's help their room will be set too. We tradtionally have had our Christmas Dinner with Hubby's family on Christmas Eve. My own family always celebrates on Christmas Day--but we won't be in Wisconsin this year. Its hard to get motivated to make a trip from the South to the frigid North at Christmas time--sorry Mom--see you in June-- God Willing. ;)

Well I woke up just stiff as all get out and sore too thanks to the weather change. Time to do some stretches and get a shower before work.


  1. Sometimes, cheaper does not equal frugal or best value. If thing "a" costs $20, but needs to be replaced in 6 months and thing "b" costs $40, but lasts 24 months, then thing "b" is your best buy because even though it costs twice as much, it lasts more than twice as long.

    I live in a house that has had "deck paint" used on the cement floors. The paint chipped and peeled. It got into EVERYTHING! Deck paint and other non-formated-for-cement paints tend to blister and peel. Paint that was formated for putting on cement will handle the moisture AND temperature changes that cement is prone to have.

    Even though you will not be walking on this paint, the likelyhood of it blistering, peeling and looking nasty in a very short period of time is pretty high. Remember that every time the wind blows the sand (I grew up in FL and live in GA, lol)it will "sand-blast" the surface outside. If there are any bubbles, bye-bye paint. If you touch an inside wall - bye-bye paint - the temperature inversion from your hand/the wall will put the paint ON your hand (and in everything else!).

    Just thought you might want to know about this ahead of time.

    I would suggest that you look up the types of paints:water-based/oil-based and the types of finishes:flat, semi-gloss, glossy and see what qualities they have - it's more than just how they look. Also check to make sure what you are buying is "washable". Again, I live in a house that had most rooms painted with "flat, water-based" paint and the walls are unwashable - it literally removes the paint from the walls, making the room look even worse that it did with just the dirt!
    However, the semi-gloss that was used in the kitchen and bathroom CAN be washed. These walls too were painted with the same brand of water-based paint, but because of the finish, the paint sticks and can be washed.

    I used to paint houses for a living - that's how I know a bit about paints. Most of the stores have kids/young men that really don't know much about what they're selling. Sometimes they're simply told to push abc/xyz paint type/brand. So it pays to do your homework.

    HTH and good luck with your project. I'd love to be able to do the same thing.

  2. Hi Darlene--thanks for the tip. I am using exterior grade satin on concrete block--a little different than using deck paint on concrete flooring--but I know what you are saying. I did enquire about chipping and have heard complaints from others that the pricey cement paint they bought chipped too. So--I dunno. Money is tight tight tight on this project. If it has to be repainted a couple years from now, so be it. I'd like to at least have it covered now as the block is in a variety of colors since the builder used recycled block--but-- not to worry there either the building inspector said they are fine. :)

    The house has been standing for several years unfinished, inspector said the block is holding fine and just because it is recycled doesn't mean it isn't strong. :)

    Welcome to Pokeberry!