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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Dream and My Dad...

One of the things Hubby and I, and family members have said repeatedly while waiting for this house to close is how excited my Dad would have been for us. We've all noted that he'd have been here day 1 from up in Wisconsin ready to help work on it. It brought a warmth to my heart to realize that we purchased the house the day my Dad would have turned 72 had he lived. He has been gone now for I think it is 14 years.

When we bought our first house years ago Dad was there, he wallpapered the dining room and was always around with advice. The neighborhood was awful for our kids and we wanted to be in the country. When my kitchen caught fire, several years later, Dad was there and said-- 'This is a blessing, you will see'. We did. The insurance company fixed everything and repainted and put in new cupboards and we sold the house and made enough to buy a house in the country. Dad was right. Dad also was dying. :( He had a brain tumor that had just been diagnosed.

Dad continued to be himself up until the day he died. Loving loving loving and living. When he was buried there was a line of cars from the cemetary that I think was a mile long. I never saw so many folks turn up at a graveside in my life. Dad was nobody famous or rich, he was just a man who loved people and was always willing to do what he could to help out. Always.

He left a hole in our family that I think never closed. At every holiday we mention him. Whenver I talk to one of my brothers or my Mom or sister--Dad is part of the conversation. On his birthday--we all think of him, we all think of the events of the day as if somehow he were part of them.

I will now always remember the day that Pokeberry got its own house as being Dad's birthday. I think I may well also always feel he had a little something to do with it somehow. That benevolent spirit could only live on.

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