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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Dream, County Inspection, Re-Thinking the Living Arrangements..

Yesterday Hubby went out to work on the cabin/shed and wait for the inspector. He tore out the vinyl flooring and decided it would not be needed to remove the sub floor. His next thoughts were to rearrange the two rooms of the cabin by moving the cooking, laundry and bathroom facilities all to one side and making a door to connect the two halves inside the cabin. Progress had not begun yet on this when the county building inspector came to have a look at the house.

The inspector pointed out just a few things that need changing and gave lots of reassuring answers to questions and several tips. He and Hubby got along great and we feel there will be a very good working relationship here. The same inspector is likely to do all our inspections and is available whenever we have questions.

There was a glitch however, and not a small one. We have to change a major part of our plans--we cannot move out to the land before the house is finished. We will have to stay in the rented house here in Charlotte.

It turns out the reason the seller was able to do this is that he had a 'hardship' exception that allowed him to live in an RV on the land--which he took further than he ought of, but they 'winked at' more or less. We won't get the same wink as Hubby does have a decent job and we aren't about to be homeless.

Well this is a disappointment--in a way--of course in another way its also a relief.

What woman in her right mind really down deep inside wouldn't prefer living in a nice house to living in a shed converted to a cabin?

On the upside I will remain closer to my job for a while. Things will be much more convenient using our rented house for all of us. There will also be, I think, a great deal less stress for me--as I only have to maintain one house and can concentrate on other things.

Downside is that we are going to have to be a little tighter with the money. That's just a fact. Although--moving to the land would not be without cost, we had figured it would be somewhat less expensive than staying in Charlotte. This will mean we need to tighten things even more, and we will need to try to get more done more quickly.

We do think we can do the work more quickly. Hubby talked to the inspector about the bare minimum required to get an occupancy permit for the new house--turns out it is less than we had expected--we are further along than we thought. :)

This is doable--its not easy but its doable.

What ever is easy anyhow?

On another front today, our landlord, who I think is just about the nicest landlord I've ever ever ever had, stopped by this morning with a little Christmas gift certificate to Panera bread for us. He of course looked over the place a little bit-- backyard, and what he could see from the front hall, living room/dining nook. I was caught off guard and a bit embarrassed in my not so spectacular frugal PJ's. I also was regretting the fact that I didn't get the kitchen/dining room cleaned last night. :( And I feel the yard could be tidier-- but Hubby says it looks fine.

I felt awful because I know that eventually we're moving. He has lost tenants in a different house and was wondering how we are doing, still employed? planning any moves soon? Well--no-- technically not very soon. I think if he looked in at the table he probably saw the kitchen and bath design books laid out next to our floor plans and building code book. He'd have to be pretty dumb for a banker not to have picked up on that. I tried to block the view--luckily I'm a pretty wide load--so if he didn't catch all this before I moved the doorway--he may have missed it. ~smile~

Its not that we don't want to tell him, we just feel there's no reason to do that right now--he will only worry longer, and he does look like he's worried enough. His forehead looks fairly well lined in the worry area right now. When we are finally ready to move to the new place,we will give him his 60 days notice and we will leave the place clean and in good repair as per our agreement. I think one reason we have a good landlord is we've been good tenants. Which I thank God for really, because if Hubby lost his job or anything we'd have been bad tenants just because obviously paying on time requires money. It does appear Hubby's job is good though. He even got a good bonus--which are of course using on the new house.

I wish this landlord well. I know he is apprehensive, he works at Bank of America. How could he not worry about his job? He knows they plan to cut 35,000 jobs and he's been watching folks losing jobs around him. I feel more than ever that I need to remember to keep folks in prayer about their jobs, my brother in the car industry for instance and all the good people who work for Bofa and other risky places--actually isn't any job risky now? God keep us all! Its a little scarey what we are doing at this time, but on the other hand I guess now we know if Hubby did lose his job we could get one of those hardship things and move to our land and live in the kitty cabin. (oh man--I gotta say this is a relief)

Hopefully when we leave this place someone nice will come and tend the garden and pay the rent on time. I will pray for that as well.

Well, this morning Hubby and I detailed all the light switches and ceiling lights on our floor plan and also made plans for how we will arrange the kitchen and pantry. We now have a plan that we hope will work OK. It all depends on the exact placing of a window--which for some reason we didn't have the measurement of--so I HOPE it is where we think it is. Otherwise I may end up having to have a sink that faces wall rather than window. I like to look out a window while I'm doing dishes--that is basically one of those things I think--you spend so much time washing things-- make sure you have a view and light.

After we got all that done and my coffee pot was empty and the landlord's impromptu visit was over, Hubby and #2 Son headed out to the house to do wiring. They hope to have the house ready for a rough-in inspection either on Monday or Tuesday--IF the inspector can do it that fast. If so--we can start to insulate when the in-laws come. That would be just marvelous!! Otherwise--we're stuck for a short time as Hubby took time off work--but can't do much until after Christmas when we can get an inspection. I suggested we could work on outside siding and such like, and the deck--if we can't get the inspection before Christmas. I guess there will be things to do--no matter what.

We're still at a bit of a loss how to handle the seller's slow pace clearing his junk off the land. He is older and we know has heart trouble and is broke. We feel for him--at the same time we know we need to stress that he needs to 'get 'er done'.
I guess if worst comes to worst we'll need to get a dumpster and clear it ourselves after our trip to Idaho to see the new grand-baby. Kind of have a feeling that's where this is headed, perhaps we will call the realtor and see if she can light a fire under him--or lend him some help.

On the future grand-baby front----things are moving fast there. Daughter-in-law had another check and she's quite close. It looks like she may not make it to the due date of January 3rd. I am praying they will have her before the 1st so they can get the tax credit. I know they could use it. ;) (money is always lurking in my mind someplace!)I just remember that it was great to get our daughter born, who was also a December baby, just before the 1st. Back then, with 4 kids under 6 and one income every little bit helped. I'm amazed to think that this year, just after Christmas that baby, our youngest will be turning 20! Where did the years go?

Well by golly I have a ton to do today and tomorrow. I need to prepare for our company. I also need to do a wee tad of shopping. I purposely let my housework go a bit the last 2 weeks knowing I would want to do a real good clean just before our guests came--now I kind of regret that. Ah well... it will all work out. It will also BE a work-out!

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