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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Dream: The New Code Book is Here!

Last night Hubby got a package! He was as excited as Steve Martin in the Jerk when his name was in the phone book. What he got was a 2nd hand copy of 2003 International Residential Code, which is the version used by the county our new place is in. It doesn't look like much of a read to me, but Hubby found it fascinating.

What it contains is all the specs needed for a builder to do framing and wiring and such like on a house. Hubby spent his evening studying the wiring and also working on ideas for the floor plan--he wants to make a few changes in the floor plan. He doesn't like the handicap bathroom on the first floor and has taken issue with the size of closets on the second floor. Another change we think we'd like to make is to scrap the original builders ideas for a wrap around deck. We can't afford it really, we've had one--up in Wisconsin our house had one, and frankly we think its alot of maintenance and we didn't really use the front side much. I can think of one time in five years we actually sat out there. We do want a little bit of deck in a different location or two, so those are things to consider. The decks aren't a priority right now--except that the seller began to build them and we probably will remove what he started.

We need the floor plan all worked out before we can get the new building permit. We were thinking this would be a quick thing--but--turns out its a thing you need to take a little time thinking through and discussing. Hopefully we'll have it mapped out early next week. It also turns out that I am very pro-closet space and Hubby doesn't quite get that.. so there are these little issues to work out. ;)

Its a fun process!

In another area, my birthday is coming up soon. I was hoping for a puppy or dog for B-day. It seems though I am resigning myself to not doing that yet. I was looking at dog photos from the local no-kill shelter. It seems more in keeping with our budget to get a non-pedigree. Hubby and I think probably it would be better to wait until after we move before starting a dog--I'm not so sure--but I can wait.

I only work a short shift today so I have decided to 'try the drive' from the new house to work. The closest mapquest estimate I could find showed the drive at a little over 45 minutes. I want to see if its a 'do-able'. I love my job and in this economy its a good job--plus there is always a little potential I may be able to go full time in the next year, which would be a great job for me. I'm leaning toward just driving to stay where I like to be work-wise. I need to give it a test drive and see what I think. We shall see. My current car is paid for, but it doesn't get very good mileage. Gas is low right now so that's OK, the mileage is usually better with fresh oil changes, which I keep up on, and I do more highway than city driving--so that helps too. Next time I look for a car, well--unless I can afford a pick up truck I will try for a car with better mileage. I hope that won't be soon.

Yesterday I got a few things done--one was putting up my little Christmas tree and Nativity set and having son #2 re-do our lights outside and replace a fuse. Finally they are all working nicely! We used less lights this year as we'll be busy with things and I don't want to mess with excess chores, but I do like a little pretty cheer when coming home at night.

We have warmer weather! Its in the 60s now. It is raining alot however. My fingers and hands were terribly sore a couple days ago, now they are better. I think possibly due to the rain--It seems everything hurts more before rain than it does once the rain gets going. My back is still pretty stiffish though. Hubby gave me a nice little rub this morning. I have some willow tea brewing again, but I also took an Aleve. I take that when things are particularly annoying--but I can't use it on a regular on-going basis due to blood pressure issues. I can't use Ibuprofen due to tummy issues. Its a bit of a dilemma--but what are you going to do? We plan to put a nice big whirlpool tubby in the new master bath. I hope when the time comes to do that we have the $$-- maybe I'll find one on Craig's list.

The building project is on my mind alot. I am thinking and re-thinking ways to stretch our budget. I know that it will be tight. It has to be. Not much you can do about that. We will spend money on this, but in the long run we'll have a place to live with no mortgage that is worth something. I'm OK with that.At the moment I don't regret much taking our funds out of our money market to buy the house--it appears we could have lost even more money the way things are going. I'm really wondering, like most folks, where this economic thing is going--it sure doesn't look good. Every day I hear of all these large lay offs at companies. Hubby read this morning that Milwaukee car dealerships are talking about lay offs--I know they already have laid off as my brother is in that business and has had to let go of several folks already. I hope his job will be OK, its a huge thing to lose a good job, I remember that well. Too well. We never did get back up to the income level we used to have, even with me working it is less than we made before the dot com bubble thing. You play the cards you have though, life goes on.

My daughter-in-law emailed to give a little update. She has gotten her boxes of gifts from our family up in Wisconsin. We had a sort of shower for her there when I went at Thanksgiving. I picked up a little Baby Green Bay Packer cheerleader outfit for my son who is a big fan. So cute! Ruby is right on schedule so far and we expect will be born sometime near New Year. I'm so happy about that! Can't wait to fly out and meet my first little Grand baby. :)

Well.. off I go now to see what needs to be done around here. Always something!

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