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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Dream-- Planning for our Move..

Well we've been talking and figuring out what to do about things when we move. We have decided that most likely we will wait until after our visit out to Idaho to meet our new grand-daughter-(due January 3rd) before we give our 60 day notice here in our rented house. In the meantime we will start to get the new place ready by fixing up temporary living quarters--acquiring some sort of older RV/camper. I want to set up the shed that is already on the land as a kitchen and laundry facility. It also has a shower. This was done by the seller--its not exactly legal--but apparently the county winked at it. Hopefully they will wink kindly in our direction as well--we'll see. It is legal to live in an RV--so we can sleep in an RV or camper--or maybe even 2 of them. We think we could also set up a room for just relaxing in the house basement--as the work is mainly done down there. We can't sleep in the house itself until there is an occupancy permit.

The dog discussion is temporarily tabled. There doesn't appear to be agreement at this time. ;)

Chickens will of course wait until we are on the land.

So far we think we may need just a couple of new tools. We have alot of tools--which is one reason we are willing to consider an adventure like this. Hubby has already done many of the tasks he will need to do on this house--just not all at once.

My in-laws are coming for Christmas and are excited about the place. They want to stay a few days and do something to help us with it. I'm thinking Mom-in-law will help me get our temporary living quarters spiffed up and cozy and Dad-in-law can work on something with Hubby. I'm sure there will be plenty of somethings to do.

Hubby is going back out there tonite to take more measurements with our son. This is final week of the semester for our son, so he has been busy with all that. Now he'll be free to help on the house. Things will get moving soon. Very cool!

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