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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Going to Look Over a Camper

Hubby has taken vacation days for the rest of this year-- he has to use them up. He gets all new vacation days in January--so that's great cuz we do need to go meet the new grandbaby when she arrives. :)

I am on the late shift today so this morning he and I are going out to look at a camper we may buy to house at least our 2 adult kids who live with us while we are working on our house. This one looks pretty promising and the ower recently reduced the price to $1000 which is 1/3 of our budget! We will also need a pick up truck--so that's a good thing. Hubby has seen some on Craigslist that are very cheap with lots of miles of course. Not a problem for us as he can keep things running--although I do wish he'd fix the heat in my car! (luckily it isn't that cold here)

After we go see the camper we are going to our house to see if the seller is making any progress on getting his stuff out. Last time we looked it was kind of 'yuk'. It almost seemed as if he'd gotten MORE junk. Maybe its just the way it is spread out?

Anyhow I want to soon plant some garlic and scallions--I know its past the season but I think they'll do ok. I also want to start bringing my plants out there.

I plan to make notes on what I need to fix up the little shed which has 2 rooms and is going to serve as our kitchen, laundry and shower area--possibly a bedroom too--though I'm not sure about that. When my in-laws come for Christmas we plan to work on the shed-painting and such like.

If we get a camper we will first tow it to our driveway where we live now so I can make it nice. Probably I will pick up some pretty sheets and sew curtains and matching bed covers--unless I find some fabric that is less pricey than sheets--which sometimes you do at Walmart. I want to make sheets that will go over the camper mattresses (usually foam) like pillow cases. My goal is two sets for each mattress. That way they can come off and be washed weekly. I like clean. Clean goes a long way toward making any living space more hospitable--even if its a camper or shed. Light colored paint is also a perker upper.

I'm hoping to start taking photos of the new place and whatever we get for living soon--but I was waiting for the seller to get his mess picked up first--as its not a pretty site at the moment.

I guess worst case scenario we'll end up having to clean it up ourselves, hope not. He still has til the 1st to complete his move. Meanwhile we can get ourselves ready. :)

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