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Monday, December 8, 2008

Grocery Game Shopping Yesterday

I took my daughter along yesterday to get my Harris Teeter big shop. I haven't done any regular shopping for a few weeks because of our trips and being sick before that. This is the time of year when alot of baking supplies go on sale and I bought an extra newspaper so I'd get extra coupons. My grocery bill before I used my VIC card and coupons was $209+ cents. After the coupons were subtracted it came to $138 and some cents.

Harris Teeter can be a bit overpriced in the base prices--but they do have good sales for folks who use their store card and they double all the smaller (less than $1.00 off) coupons. I had 14 of my coupons doubled and I also used $25 worth of $1 or $2 dollar off coupons that did not double.

I got some freebies because when the sale price was combined with a coupon or double coupon the item ended up free. Yesterday I got free tooth paste, hot sauce, and lip balm,3 free 64 ounce bottles of juice & a free tooth brush. All items we use frequently and are not particular about the brand names.

I didn't really do much shopping lately so I'm a little under budget for the past several weeks--this is a big shop for me. I do still want to get to Riteaid today if possible as I want to buy some hair color. My daughter and I both use that--I sort of 'need' it she just likes to have fun with it. I only buy it when I can get it for $2.99 or less. My limit used to be $2.00 but prices have gone up so I'll be flexible. I plan to buy several boxes of a good brand and use $2 and $3 coupons applied to sale prices and then pay for it with my SCR rebate check from Riteaid. I have a little voucher/check for $27+cents that I got in the mail from them. I enter my receipts in online at at the end of every month and I get a little bit back in the mail. Most of the items I buy there are low priced cosmetic or drug purchases and sometimes things like Halloween candy or office/school supplies. I also get my RX's there.

My pantry is looking good right now. I so much enjoy being able to pull out a tube of toothpaste, bottle of shampoo or can of shaving cream whenever someone is out--NOT run to the store and buy it full price, but just keep a good supply on hand at a low price. LOVE IT!!

I've learned not to be picky about things like shampoo and soap brands. If my favorites are on sale--fine--if not I get something else. Most good name brands of shaving cream do the job just fine. I will NOT get something that I have tried and TRULY dislike--but for the most part I'm not that picky--which is why coupons work ok for us.

Among the deals I got yesterday:
$187/# for fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast.
a new elastic bandage to replace the very stretched out/worn one in our first aid kit for $1.14 ( I figure we should beef up the first aid kit since we'll be doing so much construction on our new place)
Name Brand Shampoo & conditioners at .99 and .69 per bottle
My son's favorite breakfast cereal at .80 each for 2 boxes.
Sugar, Brown Sugar and yeast, cofee, non-aluminum baking powder all at lowest prices.
There were many other items in my cart as well, almost all bought at the lowest prices possible at Harris Teeter--where I prefer to shop because of the excellant service and good quality of their groceries. Its great to shop there and save money too!

All in all a good shop. I enjoyed taking my daughter along I want her to be able to see what you can do if you work on getting the most for your money and also to see some of the prices for things like shampoo if you aren't married to a specific brand. I think that someday these lessons will come back to her when she is a little older and maybe has a family to support.

I used my new Couponizer to hold the coupons as I shopped and it worked very well. I moved coupons as I found corresponding items to the checkout pockets in the front of the Couponizer. It was much better than my old method of using clips as I shopped. The Couponizer sat open in the basket of the shopping cart (buggy as it is called in the south) and I just turned pages to match the aisles. Using that and my Grocery Game list made shopping pretty darn easy considering the crowds. My daughter helped out as well--I think she will need to come along every week if she isn't busy.

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