Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho... Cough Cough Cough

ARgh! I am again sidelined by coughing issues. :(

My company is here, but things haven't gone exactly the way I hoped--though they are going well.

Hubby, #2 Son and his parents went off to the new house yesterday. His folks painted without me all day--I couldn't do it. :( I am coughing and wheezing and just can't get into painting right now.

They painted the outside concrete block mainly and about 1/3 of the basement walls, they also cleared some brush and junk from the front of the house and had a burn pile. They intend to go do more today.

The seller came and picked up the cat--which is good. Hubby put his foot down about keeping the cat when he realized it was accustomed to spraying wherever it pleased--including in the shed.

Seller has not moved much at all off the land. I called the realtor to voice my concerns and she spoke with him and said the attorney would send him a letter. I don't really feel very confidant this is going to result in much improvement. But-- I'm resolved that we'll simply stress it again and if he finally doesn't get all the junk out we'll get rid of it ourselves. :( I can't see any point suing or anything--I know he hasn't got anything to sue for anyhow and Hubby and I have never liked to do that sort of thing.

We should have put more protection in our offer--we knew it at the time and it was one of those things that just got lost in the paper shuffle.

Hubby's folks like the place! His Mom raved about the neighborhood and the view and they believe we will have a very nice place when it is finished someday. That was so encouraging as I'd gotten a bit down from being over tired and seeing all that 'junk' littering the yard.

I stayed home yesterday but I was useful. I wrapped gifts, cleaned up the house, set a pretty table and made a standing beef, roast vegetables, baked potatoes and a salad. I had baked a pie earlier in the morning. We all sat down to dinner together and enjoyed the evening--although I did go to bed early. I didn't sleep as well as I'd like due to coughing and now I am sitting up with a blanket and coffee. I can hear my Mom-in-law on her cell phone talking to my Brother-in-law. He had a traumatic brain injury from a motorcylce accident a few years ago so he is somewhat emotional and calls her several times a day. He is a very big Christmas celebrator. He isn't with our family this year as he's with his Partner's family up in Illinois--but he is keeping in touch and sent his gifts. My Mom-in-law's patience with him and with all of us is wonderful. She is always wanting to lend an ear and encouraging voice and can still work circles around me! I do try, but so it goes.

Well I'm glad they are working on the house, I wish I was! I looked up an Urgent Care facility at my health insurance website--in case. I am feeling a little better just by sitting up. Perhaps if I don't lie down I will improve some? I can set up in the recliner.

In any case, I again feel/sound as if I have pneumonia! I can't believe it. So discouraging after just going through this same thing about a month ago. Maybe it isn't.. but I don't know. Again I didn't even have a headcold just immediately symptoms in my chest. I suppose even if I don't go to an urgent care my doctor should know about it.

Anyhow--no painting or burn piling or working outside for me today again. :(


  1. I hope you feel better soon! What a crappy time to get sick, Mary! I feel for you!
    Your MIL sounds so great!!! You are so fortunate to have such great in-laws!!!

    See if you can get some rest here and there. Goodness.

    Go to doctor for sure if you don't feel better. I know I have asthma, and it can complicate things quickly!

  2. I'm so sorry you're feeling so badly. I too have asthma and am allergic to cats.

    Several years ago, I was so bad that my Dr. threatened to put me in the hospital if he didn't see some improvement in the next couple of days. Then he told me AGAIN, what to do. It's an old remedy.

    First, I have to say that I'm LDS and drinking alcohol is a HUGE no-no. We just don't do it! I personally chose not to do it. However, as my MD pointed out, this isn't "drinking", it's using alcohol for what the good Lord intended it to be used for (and is used in moderation.)

    His recipe is: 2 Tbs lemon juice (bottled lemon juice works), 2 Tbs alcohol (whisky, vodka, whatever alcohol you have - yuck!) and 2 TSP honey. Mix it up in a small cup and take 1 or 2 tbs every hour or so. It works very quickly to break up the coughing. It takes several doses to keep it away, and the longer you've had the cough, the more doses I find I need to take to make it go away and STAY away.

    Well, I'm a single mom, the kids were then still young and dad/step-mom are abusive. But, basically, I had two choices. Either take the nasty medicine like he kept telling me or let dear dad have the kids while I went to the hospital (and how in the heck was I going to pay for it?) and hope that he'd give them back. Needless to say, I tried it.

    It worked better than the nebulizer, the inhaler or any other meds he had been prescribing for me. So now every time I get a cold - which likes to trigger the asthma, I know to dose with that recipe. It only takes a day to break it up. Well, it wouldn't take so long, but gosh I hate taking that stuff! So I don't do it right away, hoping to not need it. It wouldn't take me so long if I'd just take it when it first starts.

    It's just a suggestion and I'd run it by my MD or especially an older pharmacist. The younger guys haven't had to take the chemistry that the older guys used to have to take. But they know more about which meds interact with what than most MD's do - after all, they specialize in handling drugs. The Md usually only knows what the drug sales rep tells him.

    Oh, and even though it's a small amount of alcohol, I NEVER drive while I'm taking this stuff. It's not worth the risk.


  3. More tips for this cold/pneumonia/bronchitis:
    I sucked flavored Vitamin C's and of course cough drops.
    Took COOL cayenne pills, put 10 drops of Grapefruit seed extract in a small glass of water once a day - very sour, and my husband started giving me garlic pills. The grapefruit seed extract seems to break it up.
    I also tried drinking a glass of liquid every hour or so. Not citrus, just cranberry, tomato or water. Still lasted 3 weeks. My neighbor has had it 3 times. She keeps getting it from her grandbabies.
    I don't want to hibernate for the winter but I'm being very careful.
    I pray you're well soon.

  4. Thanks ladies--I'd heard that about whiskey or something--one of my co-workers said she knocked something out that way. I have always favored cayenne too. I do have a call in to the Dr, waiting for a call back as I think I'll need to go in today. :( Bummer.

    Otherwise things are good here! Nice to hear from all of you.