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Monday, December 1, 2008

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig..

I've been gone all week to Wisconsin where its a bit chilly for me. I saw snow-crunchy on the ground snow. Here in the Carolinas we get a 'dusting' maybe once a year, no snow stays on the ground. In Detroit, where I had a connecting flight, the plane had to be de-iced twice due to large wet snowflakes coming down.

I'm very happy to be home.

There are so many things to be dealt with in extended family. A loved one is at retirment age and has not handled money well--and the resulting mess is effecting everyone, causing hard feelings, straining relationships and it looks like we will all have to pick up part of the tab long term to help out--but that is probably the least difficult part. Just reminds me all the more why we MUST live withing our means and try to secure a home and savings before we get old-- much much more important than having nice things!

I'm for talking--all of us need to be talking and talking and keeping no secrets at this time. Unfortunately there are factions and all that and this only makes it worse.

I think in the end solutions will present themselves and things will heal, but right now the family is in the thick of things. Its something some of us knew was coming some day, you just know when you see this sort of thing that it will have to snowball evenutally--what else can it do? There's no 'magic' in finances--either you are careful with money or you are broke.

Love for others is best demonstrated I think by responsible living, unfortunately there are always some among us in life who don't get that, and maybe can't.

Well it is warmer here than in Wisconsin I will say, but not by much. Hubby enjoyed Florida with the kids and his family it was very nice, 70-80's . They all came home looking refreshed, I think I may have just come home looking relieved to be here!

I work today, I need to see how things progressed in my absence, hope all the things are gathered for our display. :)

I picked up some turkey and bread for sandwhiches on my way home from the airport, I will have to look at the sales and plan a grocery trip maybe for tomorrow--I don't know my schedule yet.

We are planning to close on the house Thursday--but the money transfer is not completed. We are getting 3 checks, so far we have one. All sorts of paper work had to be done to finish this up.

I am dreaming about gardening on my own land and thinking of ways to finish our house quickly and inexpensively so we can move in as soon as possible. We know it will be months before we can move in, but we're busy thinking of short cuts and ways to manage it. We found our our bonus this year is going to be just a little bigger than we had thought--that money is earmarked for things the house needs like furnace and ac and dry wall. :) We need to keep a little cushion, but our savings will be gone now for a time, in exchange we will own a house--which we think is a good trade off--but we do want to build up a cushion again as soon as we can--in case we need to do a major car repair or something--you never know--especially when you drive 10+ yr old cars.

Well, little by little if you aim yourself in a direction with what little wisdom you have, and just proceed along the way, you eventually get there. ;)

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  1. I know you were happy to get back home again! No place like home! :)