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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Homemade Sausage... More Thoughts on This

The last minute homemade chicken sausage I made on Christmas to avoid running to a store was a real hit with Hubby. He only wants it a little hotter (like most of his food). I just used chicken breast about a 1.5 pounds with 2 tablespoons of oil and a tad of cheese and lots of spices and herbs. I ground mine in my Vita-Mix which made pretty short work of it. I think for chicken--anything you can make chicken salad with you could make sausage with. I looked at buying a meat grinder attachment for my Bosch mixer--it would be just over $100, like most of the attachments. Well I'm not about to do that. I think for a small batch of fresh sausage you ought to be able to use a good blender to cut it up nicely.

I've got some sale priced pork in my freezer that I think will eventually go for sausage. I wish I'd cut it in smaller chunks before freezing or made sausage before freezing it. Next time I'll do that.

For our family there are a few sausages we use frequently. We use a maple flavored breakfast sausage and we like italian flavored sausages. Since that's what we mainly will use I will just develop recipes to our taste for those two things. I don't need to do any smoking or large batches.

I like this new little skill I've just begun to pick up. I'll likely never become a 'great sausage maker' but I'll learn enough to do what we like for less. How much less? Well--I can buy chicken or pork easily for as little as 1/2 to 1/5 what it costs to buy sausage. Depends on the sales I hit and the cut of meat. Chicken breast I usually get for between .80 to 2.00 per pound. Pork can be as high as 2.99/# when I buy. Obviously both these items can also be purchased for somewhat more-- but not by me. I don't buy meat unless it is a good sale. A REALLY good sale.

Sausage is a value added product. Its generally going to cost me twice what it would cost to buy plain meat--even more.

I can make a nice little batch of yummy enough for us sausage in less than 30 minutes-- plus some fridge time to develop the flavor. Some other task can be done at the same time--so my time is not counted. I mean --mix up sausage while doing laundry or simmering soup, etc..

I love when I find a new money saving idea! Right now I'm on a quest to make a good recipe for a maple breakfast sausage that will pass Hubby's taste test. Once accomplished I'll be a 'Semi-Sausage Master'. ;)


  1. I found a real easy recipe online HERE. I may try it myself! I have a vitamix and you make it sound easy...sooooo.....

  2. OMG! This recipe looks even better than the other one!!! I think this one is the one I will try first!!! Thanks for the great idea!!! Yeah!

  3. Thanks for the link Julie! I'll have to look at it later--I'm working the dreaded back to back to shifts. :(

    Anyhow--the vitamix is so easy--the hardest part is ?? hmm.. there isn't one.