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Friday, December 12, 2008

Homemade Soup & Pizza and a Cheap Haircut

Well here it is Friday and I am making out my To Do list. I'm going to clean out my fridge and make some soup with what's in there. Looks like a yummy veggie/tomato and spinach soup with possibly chicken sausage in it. :)

I've pushed my last hair cut way past its due date so I am heading out to get a cheapy haircut. I'll got the Cost Cutters near Aldi so I can stop in and stock up on a short list of things that are usually cheapest there. I may also head to the Health Food store and see if I can find a bread and pasta that are wheat free for my daughter. She seems to have suddenly developed an allergy to wheat. She gets these allergies and after a year or two they often change to different ones. Her reactions are serious- no joking. She's been avoiding wheat now for about 2 weeks and a couple days ago she just brushed some bread crumbs off the cutting board with her hand and a few minutes later her hand was red, itchy and swollen. Well as you can imagine not eating wheat limits her diet rather severely--so I am thinking I will see what I can find for her to eat. Perhaps I can even make her a wheat free pizza? Dunno.

When I come home I plan to make pizza dough. My plan is to have soup on hand for the weekend and Pizza for dinner tonite.

I'm hoping all my errand running will be done well before noon today and leave me time to bo up a few things that I am putting away until after we move. The sooner I start on little chores related to a future move the easier it will be later.

Our weather has been very warm. Now it is cooler again. Not as cool yet as was predicted--which is good. I'm hoping next week will be warm as I want to take plants to the new house to start my garden. However--it is also very close to Christmas and my in-laws are coming so rainy days that I'm not at work will be used to clean some things a bit more than I usually do in preparation for company.

As for buying gifts--well I'm really not doing much of that. I am going to bake a little something for the folks at work and I am sending all my kids money--less than last year--but it will help nonetheless. Others on my list--well there are very few and I am still thinking. I didn't do anything handmade this year--which I often do--I am thinking but the budget is going to be very small. I expect my shopping for that will take just a few hours once I figure out what I want to get.

For us the Holidays are more about just being together than they are about stuff. Its fun to get and give gifts-but its more fun to be with folks you love and like.

Well that's the agenda then-- morning road trip, afternoon--cook/pack/clean. :)

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