Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Much Tidier Pokeberry Evening..

I'm taking a little sit down/relax moment. I've a library CD playing on my laptop-- a copy of The Dave Brubeck Quartet's "Time out Take Five" perfect. Its a nice mellow jazz cd. Brubeck was a favorite of my Dad's. I can see why. (hear why?)

I have washed and cleaned all day, and I'm pooped! Hubby and #2 Son are still at the house working on wiring or something--there's plenty to work on. I don't know if he'll get all he wants done this weekend--He tends to not always foresee the difficulties that can arise in doing things. But I am so happy for him to have this huge comprehensive project to work on--he loves nothing so much as a thing like that. He also loves working with his boys and this son is that 'middle kid' that he didn't get to work with as much as #1 Son and #3 Son in year's past. Its a very fitting and wonderful thing I think.

I am waiting and wondering if #1 Son will call with any news .. will grandbaby come before New Year's? We shall see. I also expect we will hear from #3 Son as he always calls on Sundays--assuming the Packers aren't doing too awfully bad. (then he gets a bit quiet)

I feel blessed with my family and friends and the good folk at the library too. :) I enjoyed working yesterday--thinking boy--this is WAY better than spending a whole day cleaning the kitty cabin. ;)

Some of my co-workers got a bit interested in my blog yesterday so--if ya all are reading--Hiya! They probably aren't too surprised at how much I write since they do know how much I talk. ;)

Well.. I have the floors washed and rugs, shower curtains and most of our bedding cleaned today, I also did some dusting things and de-junking. I still have work to do and shopping.

Dave Brubeck sounds pretty good for Taking Five.. I think I'll let it play and go take a short nap by the Christmas tree while I wait for the guys to come in and tell what they have gotten done.

Jazzy Pokeberry Saturday Night Here!


  1. OMG! My Dad loved Dave Brubeck also! I have one of his old CD's around here somewhere! It is beautiful music.

  2. Yah.. this is the 2nd time I've brought home some Brubeck from the library. It is such nice music! I wish I had a decent cd player that I could move about the house. I'm playing it on my laptop and its not loud enough to wander away from it.

  3. Yes, I love Dave Brubeck, too, and I happen to live a few miles from his childhood home town, Ione, CA. He is now a short distance from me in Stockton CA.

    However, my interest is food and cooking (besides Brubeck) and my just-published book (Nov/08) is definitely worth checking out for the idea of simple cooking yet excellent results:

    Tried and True Recipes from a Caterer’s Kitchen—Secrets of Making Great Foods

  4. Hi George--will check out your book. Good for you! Say Hi to Mr. Brubeck if ya see him. ;)