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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Och! Not that Camper..

Sigh well.. you probably get what you pay for--I'm not going to pay for that one though. ;)

Well that's ok, we'll just keep looking. We were out to see the $1000 camper and we were thinking we'd be ok doing some work on a camper--but I think floors and ceilings do need to be in decent shape--nuf said.

The seller is still working on clearing the land and house--he's a packrat of the construction business type--so you just can't imagine the stuff.

Anyhow that's fine. Some we ok'd him leaving and we'll use it--some we passed on.

Hubby and I had a good look at the shed/cabin. Well--there's something I hadn't noticed there when I went in the first time--probably cuz they were frying chicken with cayenne--so the air at the time was like pepper spray--well-- now that the pepper has cleared there is the unmistable odor of 'kitty cat'.

I think tomorrow I'm going to be out there scrubbing with bleach and pinesol and maybe splurge on some 'odoban' if that doesn't work. I'm no longer looking quite as fondly on the idea of inheriting the cat--Hubby is going to talk to them about it--he does not want it.

So that's today's update. Hubby was out getting prices on insullation and pipes and such like, he has his map mainly made of the floor plan and will go file for his permit tomorrow most likely. I feel a little overwhelmed when I go to see the place and think about all that needs doing-- but-- Hubby's so excited I guess I will calm myself about it.

I intend to use the seller's garden spots--he has a fenced in area and another area that is raised beds. We are getting a great deal of concrete block with the property--which I think we will use for many projects. This year I will garden in what is there--after we are in the house I will look at making a nicer garden.

Well I'm seeing a mockingbird out the window who seems to be spending alot of time in the holly hedge. I wonder when they nest? Maybe it is this time of year? I'll have to look into that.

There was a great deal of birdsong this morning again, amazing. I love the Carolinas--but there are some big differences between how folks live here and where we come from. One thing I can't help noticing is there are so many rural areas and many of the folks live in what I would call poverty. I remarked that if there were a depression many of them probably wouldn't even notice. That's actually kind of true. I read a history when I first moved here and many of the rural poor truly didn't 'feel' the effects of the depression because they were very much used to subsitence living. Apparently --quite a few still are.

Always an eye-opening experience to drive in the country and to meet folks.

Well I'm needing a wee nappy now as I have to be working tonite. So long..

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