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Monday, December 22, 2008

Ok.. That was a just a Tad Optimistic..

So yes, I do still have to do some shopping tonite after work--but THAT is it. ;)

This morning I just finished up a couple more batches of Chex Mix. I made a few last night and my nocturnal daughter made more for me as I slept. I want to give it as little holiday gifts for my co-workers. When I started to fill up the quart size ziploc bags with the pretty Christmas trees on them--I realized that I have 22 co-workers and that's alotta Chex Mix!

Anyhoo--I got my Ziplocs on sale with coupons, got 2 free boxes of the cereal I used for every one that I bought, bought my nuts at a buy one get one--with a doubled coupon as well and made my own homemade seasoning salt. I also used an instant coupon for my garlicky bagel chips. Pretzels I just went for store brands.

All in all I saved quite alot on the mix--but I still wouldn't exactly call it cheap. It is 'semi-frugal' which is the best I could do--I'm happy with it.

When you do something like this you get a picture of just how generous folks are. There are some at my workplace that bring in 'little treats' and gifts or cards quite frequently. My Chex~Mix adventure has just made me appreciate them all more than ever.

Christmas is a great time of year to think of folks and just say thank you and I wish the best for you always, you matter to me. Its worth a bit of $$ and time to do that.

I am therefore all for the 'Semi-Frugal' Christmas with the odd pricey item thrown in when just such a thing is called for. I'm not for going into hock to buy the kids gadgets. I think I'll write later about our most frugal Christmas ever--if I can find the time. It was the year of the Paper Mache gifts. I had the driest hands in town that winter. ;) Hope I find time to blog it, my guests are coming tomorrow night and I work a little today and tomorrow. So we shall see...

Oh.. notes for next time-- bake bread instead. This I am afraid was not the best idea I ever had. I'm sort of dissappointed that I could only fill the bags about 1/2 full with chex mix and I dunno... I almost am not sure it even tastes as good it ought to. :( Too late, I can't possibly improve this situation. Should have done something a week or two ago. Still its good to learn from mistakes and this is a treat in any case albeit not the greatest. Hopefully its the thought that counts.

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