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Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Day of Christmas Shopping--A Semi-Frugal Outing..

I really do not buy that much for Christmas--For one thing--I can't afford it. I measure 'can't afford' by the goals we have to accomplish, not by what others buy. I have to do that in order to stay afloat especially now since we have the house to work on. Priority shopping for me is folks who 'need' which is mainly my own family--most of them will get a very small stocking stuffer type gift and a check in a Christmas Card. Next in line is loved ones who are close family but don't 'need' they will get a nice thoughtful gift--most years it has been handmade, but not this year. Not a pricey pricey gift--something in a medium range--probably $50 or less.

Hubby--I wish I could buy him the world--but this year I'm leaning toward getting something we can both use and enjoy-- a portable/re-chargeable device to play music and listen to radio. I would like us to be able to use the same thing in the privacy of our room or out at the new house while we are working. I'm going to hunt for this thing today--but it may not happen. His other 'gifts' will really consist of clothing he needs, which I suppose I shouldn't count as gifts--but why not?

My Daughter turns 20 right after Christmas. Although I have cut the Christmas budget in half from last year, I am going to buy her a nice Birthday gift. I am planning to buy her a digital camera and her own re-chargeable batteries for her B-day. I saw one in just the right price range today--so I'm excited about that--I'll be stopping at that store first today to make sure that I can get one. This is a 2 way gift--cuz one of the reasons there are less photos on Pokeberry than there used to be is I'm always having to go find my camera. She is often using it.

Since most of what I am giving is money I am only planning to spend ONE day doing my shopping--today. Yes it is late, but this is the day I have the time and a clear idea of what to get and where and a plan to do it all within a few block radius--thereby making it an efficient outing.

There weren't any really good sales I was interested in at the grocery store this week--so my grocery shopping is going to be a very short trip and I'll see if I can do it along with picking up a few Christmas gifts. I think so. :)

Another thing I am looking for is an inflatable air bed that is easily portable--I'm thinking if we can use that at my #1 Son's house when we go to see new Baby we can save the cost of a hotel--thus sparing a big chunk from our house budget and our help the kids with the new baby budget. #1 Son and his wife live very near a nice resort town so hotel prices are kind of high in their area.

I think we could sleep in the nursery because I'm pretty sure a brand new infant will be sleeping in her Mommy & Daddy's bedroom-thus leaving the nursery empty for potential visiting Grandparents.I'll ask #1 Son if that will be ok. Its what we did when we lived out of state and our folks came to see #1 Son himself actually--within 24 hours of birth as I recall.

We're using an airbed here while Hubby's folks visit for Christmas. We're going to inflate it in our Daughter's room and #2 son is going to sleep there on her floor so that his grandparents can use his room. My in-laws are bringing it along--if they can spare it a few months til next time we see them--then maybe I'll borrow theirs--I think if it is in a small enough bag/container I could take it on the plane. Or we'll buy our own. Or we could buy one when we get out to our Son & Daughter-in-laws.

You do not have to have a formal wonderfully appointed guest room to host family. Right? Its about being close--so be close. :)

Other things I need to pick up today are maybe some new glasses and mugs for my kitchen as I don't have enough to set a pretty table for guests. For some reason they never seem to last intact between the holidays that we end up hosting.

I also am returning the paint today that I had planned to use on the kitty cabin--instead I need paint for concrete block to paint the house foundation and basement walls. That is most likely what we will be doing when my inlaws are here as it doesn't look like Hubby & 2 son will be quite ready for a rough in inspection this week. They had wanted to, but we had to make some changes in the seller's floor plan that will mean moving pipes and that of course adds to the time. We decided its better to make the changes now than later. What we needed to do was change the Master bathroom and a small 1/2 bath downstairs, we didn't like the way the current plan was placing things and wanted something that fit our needs better.

Its fun to make our own changes--but we are always mindful of money and time as we change things. This means we end up discussing the changes and I think its been the most fun for us in this that it is 'OURS' and therefore up to us how we want it. :) Still I always mention that we need to keep 're-sell' value in mind--and not do anything that would be too weird. You don't know the future--what if someday--you have to sell? Right now we don't ever want to sell--but who can tell what the future will bring?

Well the agenda is set for the day, time to get a going. Hubby and #2 Son are already out at the new place wiring thier little hearts out. ;)

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  1. What great thing to have such a handy husband and son!!! They just sound wonderful!