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Monday, December 8, 2008

Out at the House Last Night..

Hubby and I are discussing what we need to do to be able to move to the property we bought. Looking at the massive amount of work to be done--I tend to a long view on getting occupancy of the actual house. I have a feeling it could end up more than a year--but I don't know.

I think I should be prepared to live in a combo of an RV for sleeping and possibly the little shed and parts of the house as kitchen, laundry, bath and other living quarters. If I'm mentally ready for 2 years--six months will seem miraculous. ;)
So that's how I am steeling myself mentally for this adventure.

I am even more convinced that a smaller dog is the best bet--I think because we will live in tight quarters and I've never liked the very southern practice of leaving dogs outside all night. Our dog should be small, yet have some moxy and he/she should also be shorter haired in order to not be shedding all over or hiding ticks or fleas. That's the way I see it. As for chickens I think a few laying hens is enough--maybe one rooster for fun. :) The chicken coop has 6 nest boxes in it.

We will not have municipal trash pick up. There is a private firm that stops at some of the neighbor's places for trash. That's one option. Another option is to simply cut down on the amount tossed out. With a small dog and a cat--we can get rid of any protein scraps. With chickens we can get rid of quite alot of other scraps. Burn piles will deal with a few other things and then there is recycling for whatever is left. I'm not so sure I'll be budgeting trash collection into our expenses.

Of course there are other costs involved in keeping pets or chickens. I always thought that most of our dogs over the years earned their keep. They provide an alarm service that cannot be matched by any technology available. They let you know when there's an intruder or some other unusual potential danger. There's a value in just 'feeling' safer with a dog nearby.

Cats will of course keep rodents at bay and that is a great service for home and garden. Chickens are wonderful for cutting down the amount of bugs in the yard and garden. The seller said that before he brought the chickens to the property there were ticks all over the place, and now there are none to be seen--they've been converted to delicous free range chicken eggs. Chickens also could provide a small amount of 'egg money'. Of course I'm talking a pretty small flock, but if I look for a breed that produces brown eggs I think I could probably sell them quite easily--assuming we don't eat them.

There is an economy involved in having pets especially in a country house--and this will certainly be a country house!

Last night we measured some rooms and came to an area we want to re-think. The seller had laid out a rather large bathroom behind the kitchen. We really think a half bath would do there and the rest of the space should be a pantry. Hubby is figuring out what it would take to change that. The seller had in mind taking in disabled kids as foster kids--had his life plans gone as he wanted he would have had use for a 1st floor bath with a handicap shower--which it has. We don't need that. I think we could use the shower upstairs however. Its not a bad idea to have it on the first floor--but for me--I love to cook and a bigger kitchen would be just better.

As we were leaving we saw the sun going down behind one of the hills and the feeling of blessing and home came over us. We heard the last of the neighbor's rooster crowing and another neighbor's miniature donkey braying a little bit. I got my orientation a little while looking at the land and the layout of the house and where the sun was going down and decided that it does appear the sun will rise every morning and be seen best from the many windows in the living room and dining room! That was exciting as I am a morning person and I could see myself with my laptop, coffee and Bible at hand, looking out at the sun coming up behind the trees on my hillside. Awesome! I only wonder how long it will be til we get to that point in our work on the place.

One phase of waiting is over, now comes another--and the work. :)

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