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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Out of Sausage? Make Some

Since I'm stuck back here while the gang's all out at the new house doing lots of phyical labor, I'm keeping useful with lighter work. I've been washing towels and work clothes and dishes--always dishes when you have guests. I've also been doing all the cooking.

We had our nice fancy Christmas dinner last night, today will be simpler fare. I had been tossing around the idea of either Mexican tonite or Pizza. Well-- I decided on Pizza and started my dough going and thawed some cheese and found some sauce in the pantry--then I checked my freezer for my usual stock of chicken sausgage that Hubby likes so well. GONE!

I recall the discussion I had just this morning in which I voiced my opinion about retail grocery stores that are open on Christmas. I said I didn't mind when I worked in a nursing home coming to work on holidays like Christmas afterall it is a useful thing to care for folks in need and it MUST be done. But my opinion was that I simply saw little reason for a big store like Walmart to stay open on Christmas. I used to work retail and for all I know may again someday. I don't respect stores that force folks to work in non-essential jobs on days that are important to family. I won't shop them on that day.

Having declared my opinion on this it would be pretty darn hippocritical to run out for sausage now. ;)

Anyhow I thawed a couple of chicken breasts and ground them up and added spices--I'm not saying my recipe will be perfect as I haven't done this one before. I added a couple tablespoons of cooking oil--since there won't be much fat. I added kosher salt, ground up pizza spice mix, crushed fennel, pepper, garlic powder and some fresh ground sage from my garden. I also minced a bit of mozarella and tossed it in the mix along with a little parmesan. I put my fresh sausage in a covered bowl in the fridge and will carefully brown it before using it on my pizza. It may be good or it may be 'so so' I'm pretty sure it won't be awful. ;) Oh--I also used paprika and cayenne. I didn't really measure much but I expect there are recipes galore for this--I just went with my own gutt for this experiment.

Now some of us are happy without meat on our pizza--but Hubby loves his sausage so I felt it is only right when he is working so hard on our new house every day to give it my best shot. If this works out ok--I may just never buy sausage again cuz I gotta say--its very easy and far less pricey. I have no idea why I haven't done this before. Now I have an idea what to do with the pork in my freezer too. :)

Merry Christmas from Pokeberry, where somethings always cooking. :)


  1. Your homemade suasage sounds scrumdillyishous!!! (Somehow I doubt that word it spelled correctly, if there is such a word)!!! LOL.

    I hope your hubby liked it!!!

  2. It was very good! He liked it but thinks it needs to be a little hotter. Of course.