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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pumpkin's Progress, Bird Seed Garden & etc..

I decided when doing my pumpkin to use the oven method to cook it. It took me just about 30 minutes to get the pumpkin clean and scraped and cut up and to separate the seeds from the gunk and lay them on a tray to dry. I then put my pumpkin peices in a big roaster pan with some water in the bottom, put on the cover and set them in a 350' oven to cook. I'm cooking them an hour since its a bigger pumpkin--want to make sure its all done.

While the pumpkin is cooking I've gotten some other chores out of the way. I cleaned the bird cage which was loaded up with my extra dishes and the big vacation waterer. I decided to go ahead and refill all the cups and the waterer and make the bird cage a weekly chore rather than a daily one for now. I figure once we get that house we're going to be busy, and with Christmas coming and company--who needs to refill bird seed cups every day? Not me.

Cleaing the seed cups I noticed some seed that was uneaten and took it outside and threw it under my big party feeder. The doves and juncos will likely use it and the chipmunks will probably take care of the weird little dog food-like chunk that are always in parrot mix. I hope to have a bird seed garden at the new house. My little parrots eat a variety of things. They like sunflower seeds, large and small, and pumpkin seeds, and squash seeds and grain seeds and dried fruit & veggies and 'chunks' of weird things that the pet food company makes. They eat pizza and popcorn and chips too as well as pasta salad without dressing and fresh veggies and fruit. The seed mix I buy is pricey. I would like to grow my own bird seed--and I think realistically this is actually possible to do in a garden--at least enough to take a dent out of the birdy budget here--both the wild and the domestic pet birdys. I love birds! But they are pricey to feed. I cut down drastically on seed for the outside birds this year, I used to fill several feeders now I only fill the one big party feeder and a couple of thistle socks an my hummer feeders.

Well now my bird cage is clean, my dishes are washing, the laundry is going and I can take a little break for breakfast I think. :) When my adult kids come wandering into the kitchen I have some chores for them. One has a job interview today the other one has school. But I think there should be time to haul the Christmas things out of the garage attic and perhaps one of them can attack the gutters. Tomorrow then or over the weekend I hope to get the leaves all cleaned up and the Christmas lights and tree up. :) I don't have alot of decorations, we have dejunked that several times in all our moves. Now I keep just a small artificial tree and some lights and my nativity set. That's it. Good nuf.

Perhaps I'll want to do more with decorating after our new house is all done--but I figure that will be a couple Christmases away. I'll have more than an acre to play with!! Oh my!! Fun. I'll have it all gardened up--wait and see. :)

Oh I asked Hubby about keeping chickens in the garden. He said "No Way!" so I just said, ok, I won't let them in the garden then. ;) His big problem is cleaning them. He doesn't mind me having chickens he just doesn't want to do the plucking. Well--we'll see, I probably won't do that right away.. but eventually. ;)

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