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Monday, December 8, 2008

RiteAid This Morning..

Well I did my RightAid Shopping. I got 6 boxes of a good quality of hair color--which will last DD and I for about 6 months. I doubt it will be lower priced in that time. I got 2 boxes for $1.99 ea and 4 boxes for 2.99 ea. I don't go to the hair dresser for my coloring--so I would spend less if I paid full price for hair color than some women my age spend. I take it just a bit further and spend about $3 a month (or 6 weeks sometimes) on color and get my hair cut fairly short and layered once every 6 to 8 weeks at one of the inexpensive drop in hair cutting places--usually Cost Cutters, but sometimes other ones. It takes me less than 5 minutes to get it into an acceptable looking 'do' for the day and that's about all I want to do with. I'm not looking for 'Beaty Queen', I'm happy with 'well groomed middle aged woman'.

I don't buy products at the beauty parlor--I buy shampoos, conditioners and styling products either at Rite Aid or the Grocery store using coupons and sales to keep my costs below $2 per bottle of whatever. Often below $1. If I really wanted a beauty parlor product I'd go to one of those discount hair care stores--but at this point I'm not really interested in that. Currently I have a Suave styling gel that has lasted months and is only 1/2 gone and a Suave hair spray that is doing equally well-- frankly these inexpensive products that I got with coupons--are doing a great job for me. :)

(*note to self--if you want to buy stock-- consider UNILEVER--the company that sells SUAVE products. Isn't that a likely good buy in hard times?)

Recently I added some vitamins to my hair care regimen-- store brand of course--I'm trying B-12 and Folic Acid since I have seen that my Mom truly has regrown a substantial amount of hair since she started to take them. I have very thin hair,as have all the women in my family by the time they were my age, so this is how I'm managing it. The short layered cuts also help.

While at Riteaid I also picked up some cold meds for $1.50 which I'm sure we'll use at some point this season.Some sale priced Christmas candy--which is just enough to put in some stockings and in a dish or two. I also got some cheap light bulbs on sale to use in our new house as the seller is removing his energy efficient bulbs. I won't buy more of those until I can get them on sale--a real good sale as they are pricey, meanwhile we'll use the regular kind but we do need to see well to be doing wiring and plumbing and dry walling etc.

I picked up a new pair of cheapy rubber gloves and some store brand steel wool soap pads for cleaning some of my pots and my stove top. Good old fashioned steel wool soap pads are still the BEST at that job. When we start using the old cookstove in the shed on our new property I will be bringing some of those along as I saw it needs a good deep cleaning. NOTHING gets a scorched pan cleaned up as well as steel wool.

While I was there I noticed some other prices of things--they have a supply of nice flannel work shirts with the quilted lining. I want to mention those to my son Dave as he is wanting a warm work shirt type thing for when he starts working on our new house. he can go take a look/see and see if those might meet his needs. Otherwise I might have one around here, I just need to look.

Drugstores are often a good sources of unusual things.

I shop exclusively at Riteaid --though Walgreens and CVS are as good/'maybe' better. I prefer Riteaid mainly because of location and because its a little bit 'undiscovered' which means I can almost always find my deals there when I go and I don't have to fight my way down the aisles.

I've often found Walgreens is out of sales items by the time I get there. CVS is just a little bit outside my usual routine of shopping geography wise. This could all change when we move. I may end up at a Walgreens or a CVS depending on the situation.

Riteaid has weekly sales accompanied by store coupons called RAMC's and you can pair them with manufacturors coupons. They also have a program they call SCR--or single check rebate. What you do is save your receipts and at the end of the month enter information from the receipts into an online form at and they calculate any rebates you are entitled to and send you one check--a 'single check rebate'. I spent my most recent SCR today at RiteAid on the things I purchased. Some of the items I bought will be eligible for yet another SCR so next month I'll get another SCR.

All the major drugstores have some kind of money back system. That's just how RiteAid's works. I worked at a Walgreens one holiday season so I understand their system too. I haven't used CVs enough to be very expert on their system. Grocery Game has lists for all these stores however and if you buy those lists they will explain the best deals and how to get them. I subscribe to the Riteaid list for my area as well as to the Harris Teeter list.

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