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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Morning in Pokeberry.. Going to My Place

In a couple hours or so I'm planning to meet my 'little friend' (that's her nickname)and her hubby to take them to see our new place. They are having an early breakfast with their daughter who has been visiting and we will meet after that. I slept a tad late this morning as I was having some of those dreams where you are 'working'. I was cleaning house for my mom-in-law in my sleep! Funny. She had company at a house near the ocean in South Carolina I think--and its a house I've never seen. But she had lots of guests and lots of mess and she was showering and I was trying to get it all spiffed before she got up. LOL--what a goofed up dream. It must have been leftover from Thanksgiving when I actually did clean up the after party mess at my own Mom's house while she slept in the next morning. ;) Do dreams have meaning??
I dunno-- as a working Mom I guess the only thing I see is that I'm usually cleaning something up--either at home or at work.

Anyhow that dream kept me working in my sleep for a while and I woke up but was feeling too tired to 'get up'. I should have. I'm probably running a little bit late. I need to shower and dress so I can take my friend and her hubby for a walk through our new house and about our new land. :)


Maybe we can talk about where the garden should go and things like that. She is one of my best frugal friends her in the Carolinas. She's the one I get together with to tramp about in antique stores and salvage yards. She has a paid for house herself and her hubby retired early from the post office so she works with me at the libary part time to add to their income and help her grown kids. She is the best Wife and Mom--always caring for her family. Anytime she and I have plans she will invite either her Hubby or a kid along--they don't always take her up--but she's always thinking of them.

Anyhow she's just thrilled for me. She has some plants I gave her and is planning to divide them back to me again. I gave her some of the bigger things I had that weren't really conducive to gardening in rented houses. She insisted that when I get my own house she will give me back divisisions or cuttings so I will still have my plants. A true frugal/gardeny friend.

I recently gave her 6 potted pampas grass plants. I had purchased one plant for $12 at Home Depot when we first moved here and divided it into 6 plants. She put it on the border of her yard to deter the neighbor's boys who come trampling her garden when they play football. Nothing against boys--but it is afterall HER garden. Pampas grass generally is a plant that folks will respect when it is used as a 'fence' the grass blades are sharp and will cut like a razor if you mess with them. You'd never know that when you see it--it just looks like a big grassy plant with fluffy seed heads on it-- grows huge and ornamental looking--but its also a great 'burglar plant' sort of like barberry or holly when put in the right spot.

Well I need to drink down some coffee, stare at the birds outside and get showered up for the trip to my new house! Fun fun fun!

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