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Monday, December 8, 2008

What to do with $1.87/# 'Natural' Chicken Breasts.

I bought 3 packages of chicken breast yesterday for $1.87/#. Its that usually pricey fresh chicken that is advertised as hormone and antibiotic free. The breasts were huge nonetheless--which made me wonder-- I guess hormones aren't the only way to get big boobs.

Anyhow-- bad joke aside--

I cut all my chicken into 1/2 inch chunks. I'm using some tomorrow for a cassoulet with polska kielbasa, my frozen garden tomatoes-(now thawing), beans (now soaking) and shallots. I've been prepping that meal while making today's meal.

I've got the Polish Sausage thawed and cut up, and the chicken pre-cooked and cut up. I also have my shallots minced and I will soon have my tomatoes peeled and cut in little chunks and then marinated in olive oil and spices. The beans are soaking in the fridge--I'm using northern beans and kidney beans. I'm working tomorrow so I wanted to get this meal all pre-prepped and ready for Hubby to finish.

I used my biggest wok style pan to pre-cook all my chicken at once, and then I and put it in cheap little sandwhich baggies-- 1/2 pound per bag (I use a little kitchen scale for jobs like this). I set all my little baggies on a tray and they are in the freezer right now getting a quicky freeze. One of them will go in the fridge with tomorrow's meal ingredients. The rest of the baggies are going to go inside one large FoodSaver bag which I will vacuum seal. Iike to pre-freeze or pre-bag most meats before I vacuum seal because otherwise the juices can get inside the vacuum sealer and ruin it. (Don't ask me how I know that--but this is not my first FoodSaver)

Whenever I want to use a bag or two of pre-cooked chicken chunks I can take them out of the FoodSaver bag and then just re-vaccum and seal it and put the rest back in the freezer. This is far less pricey than using a separate little FoodSaver bag for each portion as each FoodSaver bag must have a border around it, thus using up alot of pricey plastic. I learned this through experience as well.

Well, my fish is marinating for tonight's dinner and I've managed alot of things today, time for a wee tad of a nap I think before I cook dinner. How pleasant!


  1. I so look forward to your blog every day. It's refreshing to read someone's determination and pleasure in making their dreams come true.

  2. Thank you. I enjoy writing, it helps me keep myself on track and working toward my goals. :)I also love to encourage others to give life their all!