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Thursday, January 22, 2009

About The Ads on This Blog...

Sometimes I will plug a product I really like or I will write about what I don't like in a product, store or service. My product reviews can be found in the Archives, or you can search for them in the little search box in the upper left corner of the blog.

Sometimes I've been asked to plug a product by mentioning it in a post for pay.. I thought about that--as I do like money--much of what I write has to do with money--especially with saving it. However--I just didn't feel comfortable with that idea. Therefore if you see a post in which I plug a product, store or service--what you are getting is what I REALLY think--not something I was paid to say, I'll leave that to the football players and such like folks.

The various ads that are placed on the blog by Google Adsense are not anything to do with me personally. I don't choose them or even read them--so they aren't necessarily things I do or don't recommend. What they are is a little way I can make a little bit of change for my writing. Seems fair enough. If an ad offends you, let me know and I'll see if the folks at Adsense can remove it. Otherwise I don't really have much control over them except that I did request they not put any ads that were not family friendly on my blog.

Mainly the AdSense ads are based on what has been mentioned in posts. They are sort of targeted that way. If I have been writing about gardening, there may be some ads that appeal to gardeners. Sometimes I've seen one I would like to know more about myself--but I'm not supposed to click on them, I guess it could throw off my stats or something.

I do not mind placing ads on my blog, I see it as a thing folks can read if they are interested or ignore, I don't have any of the pop-up style ads on this blog so they aren't really obnoxious. If someone has an ad they would like to place here, I can be contacted at

I won't write targetted posts however to promote products 'for hire'. Everyone needs to draw their own lines, that's where I choose to draw mine. :)

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