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Monday, January 5, 2009

Archaeology by Leaf Blower

Yesterday I ended up doing Plan A afterall. It did rain, and it was misty or slightly drizzly most of the day--however it turns out you can do a burn pile in the rain and you can use a leaf blower on wet leaves--it works. ;)

I cleared about 1/3 of our backyard with the leafblower. The leaves on the ground I think were from several years. They were fairly wet and compacted. Underneath the ground was hard and barren--due mainly to the load of junk that had been sitting so long I expect. I made many little discoveries while blowing the leafs and stooped down to pick up handfuls of nails, pieces of shingles, assorted weird things, trash bits and insullation etc. I also discovered that the wood piles are deeper than I had thought and most of the wood is rotted pretty much down to the ground. We just peel off chunks and throw them in the wheel barrow and cart it to the fire.

In the woods of the lot next to us I discovered that the Seller's crew tossed some of his rotten wood randomly about deep in valleys and such like that I knew I was not going to reach. I decided to let them be and let them rot and the leaves cover them. Nobody has bought that lot and hopefully after a year or two nature will have claimed the wood and erased all traces. I suppose I could have found out who owns the lot and told them about it--but I didn't see any point. It was difficult enough getting the Seller to get all his junk off our land, except the wood--I guess I don't want to tackle getting it off someone else's land too--I just don't really even want to talk to him anymore after seeing that.

Well-- my archaeological leaf blowing found other things--I figured out which tree stump the Seller used to slaughter chickens. I could tell by all the feathery bits stuck to it. "Rhode Island Red", I said, "you mean Rhode Island Dead, said my son." "Yah, I suppose so."

Today--I may go out again--if I do my plan is to stop at the Farmer's Exchange and see if I can find seed start mix and some seeds to buy. I then hope to dismantle the Seller's garden and remake one the way I would like it to be. I have an idea in mind of what I'd like to do--but it won't likely be exactly the same. I found a chicken coop/garden plan at the Backwoods Home Magazine Website and am thinking of making my garden similar. Since my coop is already in place, the orientation is not going to be exact but I think it will all work pretty well.

What needs to be done is the concrete block wall around the garden and the chicken wire fence must be dismantled. I will then make smaller raised beds using concrete block from the huge pile we inherited from our Seller. I do plan to fence the garden--but not right away as I won't have chickens right away either--not until we are settled in the new house. I am going to have my garden there though so I can clean up the yard here at the rented house this spring and erase my veggie patch by planting new grass for the landlord. All my herbs will be moved and I'll start my shallots, onions and garlic this month and next, then also my cabbage/spinach type plants and peas in February. I can work on this a little at a time until I can be of more use on the actual work in the house.

As for what I can do on the house. Hubby thinks we will use tile to create our showers rather buying shower stalls. He is going to build the walls and I will do the tiling. That's one thing I can do. :) I can also of course help insulate and help make our plans and organize things and such like. I may not be much help with Hanging dry wall--as I will likely be exhausted early on by that chore--but I can paint and tape. There are many chores ahead to be done. Right now is the interlude for the garden--since the yard is my domain at the moment while Hubby is still busy preparing for inspection. He has not gotten as far as he wanted because he has been making changes that should be made now--before wall board is up. Its best to spend a little extra time on that now--hopefully not too much longer though as we do need to be ready to move at some point.

I came home last night after working and I was so happy that we don't live in the shed. It just was nice to come home to a clean house where I could sit down and put up my feet in comfort. This is definitely a better idea.

Now as for other things--we got a couple of little videos of our baby Granddaughter last night! Sadly she was sleeping throughout. I also got to hear her crying on my cell phone as she was waiting for Mommy to feed her. She sounds and looks very healthy and has checked out very nicely with the pediatrician. Due to the C-section Mom will be in the hospital til probably Tuesday. They will have an awful lot of bills too, but on the bright side, #1 Son has needed his tonsils out for a long time and it looks like they may have used up their whole out of pocket on this birth--so perhaps he can get that taken care of this year for less. Maybe being born this side of New Year's was more to their advantage than getting that tax break. ;) I guess my little gal is frugal afterall.

I slept in the recliner again last night, yup coughing. I used a warm air steamer. I think I should have been using this all along. If this doesn't clear up soon I may need to see about getting something new for asthma or going back on Advair again. I did stay away from the smoke of the burn pile yesterday and I wasn't working in the house with the dust--but it seems my lungs are just going to be annoying no matter what. :( bummer.

Well, time to get going. Happy in Pokeberry, with plenty to do. :)

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