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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Big Day... Rough-In Inspection Today

#2 Son just left for the new house. His job is basically to hang around out there and wait for the inspector just in case Hubby can't leave work when they call him. You can't schedule a 'time' for these inspections. They tell you basically what day they will be there but not what time. They can call you, if they want to, and give you a head up that they are on the way, but since that call could come anytime in about a 12 hour period and Hubby might be in a meeting or something when it comes, someone needs to be at the house.

What we are having inspected today is mainly that the structure is ok, and the electric, plumbing and smoke detectors are all done properly. If we pass we can begin to insullate the house and install our heat and start putting in things like appliances etc. If we don't pass we have to fix whatever isn't quite up to snuff and then have it looked at again before we can begin the next stage.

Once the insullation and furnace are in place we need yet another inspection before we can put up our sheet rock/dry wall. Once that is in-there is another inspection and we hopefully are giving our occupancy permit and the septic and all the utilities are 'on' so we can actually begin to move into our home.

Everything from that point on we will do after we move in. We need to get to that point as reasonably quickly as possible so we can stop paying rent and have that $1000 plus per month to apply to our house improvement fund.

Although we don't have a mortgage we will have taxes, thankfully they are low in South Carolina, we'll also have a payment to our 401K as we did use some money from that as well as from our savings. We'll have some taxes to pay and also we have an insurance policy on the house. All that will be chunk each month but much less than our current rent chunk. Once we pay back the 401K and convert our insurance from builder's risk insurance to plain old regular homeowner's insurance that chunk will shrink too.

I'm here waiting by the phone, wondering what the news will be from the inspection--is it a go? or is it a wait a bit longer?

Sometime today I'll know. :)

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