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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Busy Today in Pokeberry.. Inspite of a Sore Backside..

I had some trouble getting around today after falling last night (see last post). However Hubby's office chair was wonderful! I did manage to make 6 pounds of chicken sausage. I did 4 pounds of hot spicy italian sausage which will be used for pizza and spaghetti and soups and such like, and 2 pounds of a maple and sage breakfast sausage which I'll make into little patties. I have all my sausage mix in the fridge where it will just soak up flavor until tomorrow. Tomorrow I plan to pack it up in meal size portions and freeze it.

Another thing I did today is cut up my big 5 pound blocks of mozarella and cheddar into 1.5 pound chunks and vaccum pack and freeze it. I also shredded about a pound of the mozarella for pizza tomorrow night. I pre-made some beer pizza crust dough and oiled it and put it in the fridge in a bowl with saran wrap over it. I'll take it out and let it rise on cookie sheets tomorrow then make pizza.

I cut out all my coupons and checked my pricelist and prepared my grocery list and menu plans. I didn't go shopping though as my backside wasn't happy about that idea. ;) Instead I will go tomorrow or Tuesday morning.

All in all it was a good quiet work day. The guys were at the new house where they got some things done. Hubby thinks that he'll be ready for his rough-in inspection after tomorrow. He says that #2 Son has gotten to be a good attentive worker and he's pleased to see him working hard to do things well. :)

One last thing I did was to cut some fresh herbs from the garden. I brought in fresh rosemary, sage and oregano. I used sage in the sausage but saved the rest in a glasses of water. Its kind of neat to be able to pick fresh herbs in January--even in a cold spell! I love the Carolinas!

Well, I'm just relaxing now in my recliner and doing some research on the laptop while Hubby watches football and visits with #3 Son up in Wisconsin by phone. He'll be coming home in a few weeks. He plans to give his notice at work tonite. We'll have 2 young men helping us with the new house and going to school. Sounds good.

I'm noticing that my orchids are beginning to show signs that they will bloom again this spring, there are some stems coming up and some swollen areas. :) I love orchids! The orchids & my african violets are the only houseplants I have that I don't put outside in the summer, I just keep them all in my living room and enjoy them. :)

Well,here's hoping that tomorrow will be a less painy day, I'll not be showing off my sock darning again any time soon. :)

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