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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Cough That is Eating My Life

That post title must seems pretty negative. I guess I'm getting too frustrated with this cough thing. I have a form of asthma that is characterized by coughing rather than wheezing--although there is some wheezing in there as well. For some reason or other it is far more of a problem lately than usual. The doctor thinks it is because of all the rain we've had and the super high mold levels--I'm allergic to pretty much all the molds, as well as dust mites and a few tree pollens--so yah, year round allergy. I've been coughing basically since early November with a couple brief interludes of 'not so much cough'.

This weekend I made my plans and this darn cough literally ruined them. I went out to the house yesterday and walked in the doorway to help Hubby make some decisions on the master bathroom mainly--and I began to cough. I coughed my way through the house and back out again. We walked outside to discuss plans for landscaping and gardening, and I continued to cough. I coughed my way home and instead of doing my shopping at stores near the new house I coughed my way through a Bi-Lo that is nearer to the house we are in now--it isn't so close as to be my on my regular shopping route, but I figured since I'd pulled the coupons for the Bi-Lo sales I might as well at least try to shop in one. I coughed my way up and down the aisles as I tried to find my items and match up my coupons.


I hate to take too many OTC sinus or cough remedies because they seem to dry me out overmuch and then I end up with some entrenched sinus or chest infection and heading to the doc for antibiotics. However, in the middle of the night last night I finally took some Nyquil in hopes it would just knock me out. Well you know--Nyquil is 'healthier' than it used to be --so it doesn't knock you out like it used to. Actually they have taken out many of the ingredients that really worked in OTC sinus/cold/allergy meds in recent years. One ingredient that many of us miss is ephedrine--which I'm thinking probably helped alot more folks than it hurt--but unfortunately some people figured out how to abuse it. I think also NYQUIL used to have alcohol in it--which one of my reader's has mentioned can help a cough--but I haven't tried that I admit. I generally will drink some wine or a beer-but I've never been one to 'chug a shot'. Perhaps I ought to.

Well inspite of the new watered down Nyquil formula not being as effective, eventually my coughing calmed down a bit and I think I did get a couple-few hours of some kind of sleep. Which is about all I get anymore. If this is all from rain and mold--I want my drought back!

Anyhow I was at the Dr, I think it was just Thursday and she, changed my allergy meds--but that has not made a dent at all--I think I'm noticeably worse! She said it would be 2 weeks til it was at maximum effectiveness--but I guess at the time I didn't realize that meant I'd probably continue to cough another two weeks or more--until she would give me some steroids. I'm not willing to stay the course I guess.

I want to get my tickets now and go see my little Ruby and cuddle her and kiss her soft cheeks--not cough on her! This must come to an end!!
This cough is eating my life.

That's how it feels. I look at some of the 'mess' around my house and without enough to breath in me or energy to swoop down upon it all and make it good--I feel just totally out of sorts. I have never been a high energy person--but I have always liked to be busy. Right now I'm just so tired. I leaned against a wall last night while frying hamburgers--which was my 'best' stab at a decent dinner for the guys when they got home from working on the house yesterday, even then Hubby made the fries and toasted the bread. I feel useless.

So that's the biggest rant you'll hopefully ever read at Pokeberry. I am calling the doc back this morning and pressing for more help. Hubby says I need to be 'sicker' when I call her, tell her my symptoms in more detail and stress the difficulty, he says I don't do that and they don't realize how much of a problem this is.

That could be, there are usually times in the day when my coughing is calmer--and generally, my lungs are not full of anything--so they don't 'hear' the trouble that much. My airways aren't functioning right but I'm not sure the doctors can really sense that as well as I can, and as well as Hubby who is with me all night.

Anyhow I need a break from this and some sleep and my to-do needs to be dealt with better. Lately I write down my plans and then the day goes by and I don't get half done that I want to, just becuase I am too tired or I am distracted with coughing. Ugh!


  1. It's amazing. I had never heard of "cough-specific" asthma until my son was diagnosed with it. Then a year or two later, I was diagnosed with it.
    My Nana had regular asthma, so I was used to that variety. My son had an episode where he just kept coughing and coughing; and I kept dosing him with OTC cough formulas. One evening I finally called the pediatrician, and he had me use a dose of my inhaler on the child (I had been given an inhaler for something else). Worked like a charm and the coughing stopped. Was I surprised!

    Finally realized that that's what was going on with me. We had treated me all winter with antibiotics for what the old folks call "walking pneumonia", turns out it was the asthma.

    The other thing I learned was that I have a paradoxical reaction to Prednizone. The stuff is supposed to dry you out, but it makes me wetter!

    It IS the pits, isn't it?

    And you don't want to take a chug of alcohol. Mix it with honey and lemon juice and take only a spoonful or two, not the whole mixture. There's something about the honey and lemon juice mixed with the alcohol that calms the airway spasms that are triggering the coughing.