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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coupon Mom as a Plan B?

Lately it seems something is always in my way when I want to do my Grocery Game shopping. With the GG list you have to shop on certain days, my lists all run from Sunday through Tuesday. The reason for this is Sunday papers have all the new coupon inserts and weekly sales generally end on Tuesdays. If you shop between Sunday and Tuesday you can use your new coupons and your saved ones and take advantage of sale prices. This is ok when nothing gets in my way. Unfortunately--things do get in the way sometimes, and sometimes rather frequently! I end up wanting to shop on different days.

With that in mind I am again-- reconsidering my GG membership. I hate being fickle but it is time to be always tightening the belt a bit tighter whenever it is possible and yet I also need to deal with life as it comes, complete with a varying work schedule, a new house to build, sicknesses and a really sore backside.

In looking at my receipts I know that GG is indeed the cadillac of programs for saving $$ at the grocery stores that it has lists for. In my area there are lists for plenty of stores--all the main grocery stores and drug stores. Still--I do find I stock up on some things at Aldi and Sams Club--and I find that few sales/coupon deals go very far below what I pay at Sams or Aldi. Oh sure there are some really good deals. There is a pasta on sale this week w/coupons which are doubled at Harris Teeter that is almost 1/2 the price I pay for spaghetti noodles at Aldi. However, with with my injured little tail bone I am not up to a big shopping trip this week and after looking over my list for HT--I decided that I really do not NEED many of the deals I was going to go pick up. I would use them eventually, they would stock my pantry up--but all I really need to make meals the rest of the week here is some cilantro and some chou mein noodles. I believe I'll just go pick those up at Compare Foods, the Mexican grocery store that is nearest my house.

I am thinking that Coupon Mom's many services, which are free, might work for me--since I seem to have trouble sticking to my plans to do shopping on particular days using the Grocery Game. Coupon Mom has a regional deal tracker--which is not always accurate I think--but it is close enough. They also have a coupon database which works well with my style of saving coupon inserts and looking up coupons by date.

If I just use Coupon Mom I can check the online weekly sales at most stores--any day of the week--then go to Coupon Mom and see if there is a coupon that matches any of the sale items I am interested in. I can do a little math and then compare the final price to my Aldi/Sam's club pricelist and see if it is a better deal than I would get at a discount or warehouse store.

Coupon Mom has been my 'Plan B' for awhile now, when I can't shop on GG days or just need a few things. As much as I like the set of tools that Grocery Game provides me--I may just opt to go Coupon Mom all the way. I'm kind of leaning that way, we shall see.

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