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Friday, January 2, 2009

End of The Year Family & Friend Letters

Last year I sent out a Christmas letter to family far away since we had not seen many of them for a long time. When I was back up in Wisconsin around Thanksgiving several of my elderly aunts told me how much those letters meant to them. I didn't do it this year, but after talking with them I vowed to make that a priority in years to come. This year was so busy!

This year, we've had a slow trickle of letters come in from relatives and emails with photos from old friends. I have to say this is great! This morning I opened my email to find photos of a family I haven't seen in several years, they had 6 boys and my kids grew up in the same Homeschool Group as these kids. It was great to see how they'd grown, meet the first grandson and just enjoy reading all the news. Hubby has also enjoyed reading several letters from members of his family far away.

I don't think I'll ever send just Christmas Cards again. These letters are wonderful! Especially when you live far away from folks like we do.

I think I may have started something in the family as last year I sent one letter, this year we got 5 back from so far! We heard from folks we haven't seen since before we left Wisconsin and so much has happened in all their lives.

Just thought I'd mention these letters and emails because I highly reccommend the 'end of the year' letter to anyone who is far from family and old friends. We really did sit down and read through everyone that we got and I can now see what it was my elderly aunts were so excited about. I also want to note--that you don't have to write these on time for Christmas--go ahead and write today if you have spare time. I don't --I'm going to wait--but just mentioning that.

Well today in Pokeberry is a little warmer than yesterday--Thank God! I was so cold yesterday! At the moment it is 36. Today is our grandbaby's official due date. So far no news on that front. We will just have to be patient.

I'm working all day but I have three days off in a row after that so I will hopefully have time to get some things done.

On my to-do list for the weekend--one I want to go check out a little farm store I found online that is near our new house. I am hoping it will be a place I can buy things like chicken scratch, bird seed, potting mix and vegetable seeds. If so--wow! that'll be cool to shop near home. I love feed stores, and country/farm stores. I had a favorite place back in Wisconsin, an old feed store where I bought bedding plants and seeds including some of thier own heirloom and hybrid seeds. I'm hoping it will be a place like that.

I have been saving some plastic pop bottles from my 'diet coke head' kids. I also have a collection of milk jugs. I plan to turn those into mini-greenhouses for winter sowing. I need to start some plants now that will be put in the ground in February--cabbage, cauliflower, brocoli--possibly celery and some Asian veggies and lettuces.

Speaking of greenhouses--Hubby gave me some wonderful news yesterday. He got some big pieces of glass and windows from the Seller of our new house--that the guy didn't want to haul away. Hubby is going to make me a potting shed / greenhouse out of the shed that we had been planning to turn into a cabin. I have always wanted my own shed and my own greenhouse. This is like a dream come true. While the shed was not very big for living space--it will be HUGE for a potting shed!! I'm so thrilled!!

All he needs to do is cut out some spots to mount window glass and I'll have a perfect perfect Pokeberry potting shed/greenhouse. :) Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Now I've had greenhouses before. In Wisconsin my first one was a hoop style that Hubby made years ago--it was mangled in a huge storm with 70 mile an hour winds. Broke my heart.

Then a few years after that I bought a small green house kit--and a tree fell on it!

This time I am thinking a green house made from a solid shed should hold up to storms and I hope no tree will fall on it. The neat thing is it should be easy to keep it warm enough to shelter tropicals--even orchids. Sigh.. what a lucky girl am I?

As my dear daughter said when we gave her little digital camera for her birthday: "am I dying?"

Yup--this sort of little windowed shack is like heaven to me. :)

Well I am off to work soon, so time to get going. Happy Friday to all!

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