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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Foggy Morning in Pokeberry

Looking out in the backyard I can hear a bird singing, but can't see him. I do see a cardinal at the bath and some sparrow near the arch trellis and party feeder. They're all out there, the birds, all around the trees and hedges.. many little birdy voices, just not many up near the window. Its a foggy morning, the mostly barren deciduous trees are starting to get that bit of color that indicates life is returning to the branches, not many show buds yet though. Spring here comes early, in a couple of weeks the weather will begin to be warmer. It won't be exactly swimming pool time for a while, but soon trees will begin to flower and Charlotte will begin to look more alive.

I am working afternoons and evenings today and tomorrow. I'm a little tired this morning, I've been worried about a close family member who is not doing well at all. Its a helpless worried, I can't really fix the problems, I'm not sure anyone can. The best I can do right now I guess is pray and keep myself on an even keel to be ready for whatever happens, to not give in overmuch to worry. Sometimes problems are over our heads--more than we can bear alone or make much of an impact on. This is a place I think that calls for careful thought to be taken to make sure emotions and anxieties don't begin to rule the head. Prayer seems the best thing right now and patience. In a way the foggy morning outside seems to echo how I feel inside, just sort of like I'm not really ready for morning, a little burdened, a little tired, and not very optimistic. Sigh.. well that's about as far as I will go with this--I just feel like its a morning I may need to go spend some time telling my troubles to God and letting them drift up in the fog to Him--since He actually has some power over things.

Before I do that I do want to start supper, I think I want to have that going in the crock pot early so I can hopefully pray and then relax some before work.

I was just looking about in the pantry and realized I've run out of tomato sauce. I have other tomato products; some spaghetti sauce and some salsa, stewed and diced tomatoes and a tomato and pepper mix. I wanted to make some chili for the crock pot today that could provide the main part of dinner for Hubby today and tomorrow. Friday we leave for our trip to meet our Grand baby. After looking over my tomato based pantry items I guess I decided to use tomato paste for a substitute, it won't interfere with the flavor I want the chili to have. I will just add a can and a half of water to the small can of paste and mix it into a sauce, that should give me about a cup of sauce, there's a wee bit of leftover sauce in the fridge too, I'll add that as well. Since I am also using some stewed tomatoes and kidney beans and ground beef--I think this will be good. Cooking all day in the crock pot usually works well for chili.

Although I do keep a pretty well stocked pantry--there are times when its been a long while since certain items were on sale that I might run out of something like tomato sauce--a staple. Its not a big deal. If a sale comes up soon I will stock up again in the grocery store with coupons, if not I will buy some at Aldi or Sam's club in a week or two whenever I next go to one of those stores. I always keep in mind that it is possible to substitute for many ingredients, or alter your plans a little bit to use what you have on hand rather than make what you were originally planning. Today-- I will still be able to make what I was planning, just a little differently. :)

Resourcefulness and Flexibility are key for frugal cooks.

Well I think I will get my ground beef browning and put all my beans and tomatoey stuff in my crockpot. Perhaps in a while the fog and my thoughts will be lifted.

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