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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good News For Grandbaby!

#1 Son called last night and said that all the babies tests came back and basically there's nothing wrong with her. What an incredible relief! I was on the phone about an hour calling and relaying the good news to family far away.

Because she had been born after such a long labor the doc was extra cautious with her, looking for any and all signs of potential infection. Since her temperature was a bit erratic at times she was treated for bacterial and viral infection--'just in case'. Had she truly had a case of the sort of virus they were worried about it could have been a devestating thing. Thankfully she did not. I learned alot in this. I found out that most Americans carry a virus called herpes simplex 1, it is not the one that is a vereal disease but the one that causes things like cold sores. I found out that if a newborn in certain situations is in contact with such a virus they have no immunity and can become deadly ill. If you are ever ill or have an active cold sore, stay away from babies!

Anyhow-- Son and his wife don't even think they have this virus--at least not that they know of--but the doctors are so afraid of it that they treated the baby immediately when one of her blood tests showed elevated liver enzymes and her temp was a little low.

Oh I also found out that it is very dangerous for a newborn to have a temperature 2 degrees below normal--I never knew that either.

Anyhow, Ruby's temperature is stable now and they took her out of the incubator and put her back in with her Mommy again. She'll have a last thorough checking over and hopefully finally go home today, at 1 week old. I suppose since Mommy had such a rough time with childbirth, this whole week in the hospital may have been a good thing, a time to rest and heal and not have to do much. Of course that's over now-here comes Ruby!

I am amazed that a 1 week old baby I have never even met already has my entire heart-- I have to tell you the past few days I often caught myself just sitting and staring a that little picture of her and praying she was ok, and talking to her! I can hardly wait now for our trip out west to meet Miss Ruby.

May the Lord bless her with a long and useful life and may she be a blessing to her family and all those close to her.


  1. That is great news! It won't be long now and you will be cuddling her in person. God bless your little sweetheart.

  2. oh I know!! I am so excited that she is part of our life now. I can't wait to go see her, and I'm already thinking of making a little Ruby garden for her to tend whenever she visits. :)