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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Grocery Gaming in the New Neighborhood, Progress on the House & Garden..

This morning I printed out a Grocery Game list for the Bi-Lo that is near my new house. I'm planning to do at least some of my shopping there this week. Looks like we're going to be eating some yogurt this week, also I'll be finally re-stocking my herbal teas, getting a nice price on some ground beef for the freezer and picking up some of Hubby's favorite blue cheese dressing as well as some cabbage and squash.

I've been enjoying my shopping at the Harris Teeter near us- and for what its worth--I haven't given it up yet, I still find great deals there--including one that will restock my coffee supply this week and a great buy 1-get 2 on shrimp. Cool! But-- once we move, I'm not sure I will continue shopping at HT. Unfortunately the two nearest stores which are very convenient are Food Lion and Bi-Lo. Bi-Lo does do the double coupons--but I don't think they are quite as generous with it as HT--from past experience--which wasn't much--so I hope I'll find myself proven wrong. Food Lion in our area is pretty pathetic--but my visits to the one near the new house have been much more encouraging so far.

We had a nice pancake breakfast this morning and the guys are watching a tad of tv right now before heading out to work on the house. I am considering building some temporary cold frames of concrete block and old windows at the new house--for starting seeds. I have been picking up seeds here and there all week and now have pretty much all I want--except I would like to find some celeriac seeds that I don't have to send away for. I used some in a soup recently and I loved it.

The new place has over an acre that I can play with gardenwise and I plan to mainly use seeds and cuttings and trades to eventually get enough plants to garden up the whole place! Fun! Its like a lifetime playground. I've even thought of having a little garden plot, outlined maybe with sweet william and lambs ear for Ruby to 'tend' whenever she comes to visit her Grandfolks--which granted it will be a while before she can tend a garden--but I'm thinking it will be fun to start her little plot now. :) Ruby's Garden!

I'm planning to shop on my way to the house this morning and then work outside, tearing out some things and constructing a cold frame and possibly start some shallots, garlic and onion sets while I am there. :) We are still in winter here, but in a few weeks it will be early spring. I need to get some seeds going before we fly out to meet Ruby, our new grand baby otherwise they won't be big enough to get a crop from before the weather gets hot. Cool Season things can only be grown in certain windows of opportunity here in the Piedmont area of the Carolinas. They can be started by seed in late summer for a fall crop or started from seed in late winter for a spring crop. You cannot grow cool season crops here from about May to July as it will be just plain too hot. They'll usually bolt from the heat and go to seed too fast.

I've picked up seeds for some herbs I don't have already, cabbage, spinach, asian cabbage varietys, cauliflower and broccoli. If I'm diligent and things go well I should have some good eats in the garden before summer. Of course during summer there will be lots of other things growing, peppers, tomatoes, zuchini, eggplant, and such like.

Hubby and #2 Son were out at the house yesterday all day working. I have to help decide on a different window for our master bath today. We have some spare windows left by the seller--nice double pane glass! The window that was already placed in the master bath is just not right for our plans. It is right where Hubby wants to build the shower and it is too low to be behind a tub--so we are planning to swap it out for a different one. I always put in my 2 cents before decisions like this are made. These are the sort of things that have been slowing down getting the place all ready for the rough-in inspection. Things we've changed from the original plan and also things we've fixed that we thought weren't done as well as they could be. The changes really need to be made before all the wiring and plumbing is 100% complete and definitely before insuallation and wallboard go up. I hope there won't be too many more changes--but on the other hand they are the things that make this house OURS, so I don't really mind them.

Well I need to cut my coupons now and get ready to head out. My favorite days are the days that I can be out at the new house with Hubby there as well. :)

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