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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mayonaise Jars and other Leavings on the Land...

Hubby excitedly informed me that the Seller left 4 or 5 produce boxes full of canning jars for me. I commented that I bet they're mayonaise jars. Some folks use mayo jars for canning--I personally might consider that for a high acid food that needs to be boiling water bathed--'might' but I would never use them in a pressure canner. It could work, but it could explode too. As a general rule I use real mason jars.

Anyhow when I was at the house yesterday I peeked and yup--they're mayo jars. All but one lonesome Kerr brand mason jar. How he got in there I'll never know as I'm pretty sure the 700 or so other canning jars the seller had, which he took with him, were mainly real mason jars. He did leave me two other real mason jars--but they contain some really old corn and jam--yuk!

How much mayonaise did this guy eat? That was one of my thoughts as I don't think I've used that many jars of mayo in our entire married life.

Hubby said--"well you called that one right."

He was going to get rid of them.

"No,I can use them, I probably won't can with them, but I'll clean them up and use them for storing other things."

Good jars are always useful. I love to store things in jars because I can SEE what's in there and they keep things in good condition better than almost anything else I know of.

If things get tight enough someday, perhaps I will even use them to can some homemade jam or something. Perhaps I'll store seeds in them or dry beans.

Another thing that the Seller left is a wheel barrow that needs a new handle. Its a heavy duty construction grade wheelbarrow that has seen some action. It has caked on dry cement and a fair amount of surface rust, but for the most part this heavy duty cart is in pretty good shape. I think it will last longer than my own light duty wheel barrow which I bought last summer. I'm more than happy to pick up a pair of replacement wood handles for it. That will cost me about $25 maybe a little less if I can find a deal--probably not.

I can see getting many years of use from that wheelbarrow. Hubby was going to throw it out--but again I said "No."

Other leavings from the seller besides all the wood that I've been picking through is a huge huge stack and smaller piles of concrete block. This we volunteered to take. It is 2nd hand and some needs cleaning off. No problem. We will use it for various things like building raised garden beds, retaining walls, possibly terraces. We'll want to do something to pretty it up. The seller got it all from a church that was torn down. He used the best ones for the foundation of the house--which is why we have a 10 foot tall basement. He got all these blocks free for the hauling. There's proably enough left to build a garage foundation or for other uses. Most of the block is extremely heavy, but there are smaller one too. We plan to make good use of these.

He also left us 3 sets of patio doors and some other windows. From this I expect to get some kind of green house and/or several cold frames. Hubby and I are still not 100% sure how we will proceed on that. We may still opt to make that shed into a little guest cabin rather than a potting shed/greenhouse. We have plenty of time to decide as it is not a top priority project. The house is first.

What he didn't leave--for which I am terribly grateful is all the random junk he had, the several old vehicles and broken lawnmowers, and the collection of I don't even know how many broken appliances. It is SOOOOO wonderful to have it all gone. Now our place really feels like OUR place.

Well, the sky is beginning to lighten a bit, I wonder if I'll be doing Plan A or B today?

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