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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Easiest Price Book So Far...

A while ago I decided to only keep a price book for 2 stores; Aldi and Sam's Club. Sams is the warehouse club that I use and Aldi is a small store that is a 'no frills' cost cutting store. This has been working well for me. I save my receipts and update it whenever I visit Aldi or Sams. Since I don't go to these stores every week I don't have to update it terribly often. Also I don't buy many things at these stores so it is easier to track.

The reason I chose these two stores only to keep track of prices is that all things being equal, if an item is not on sale at my regular grocery store, these two stores 'usually' will be less pricey--almost always. Since I only track these prices I can quickly scan my price list and decide if a sale price brings an item down lower than I can get it at Aldi or Sams. This has been so much simpler than my old price book which was kind of hard to keep up with. I can print out a copy of this list now and then, take it shopping with me and make notes on it easily. I just do it very plainly in my word processor program--which on my new laptop happens to be Microsoft Works.

Yesterday I made one of my occassional trips to Sams for a list of about a dozen things. Today I hope to do my Grocery Game shopping and perhaps stop at Aldi too. This will get me 'stocked up' on things that have gone low over the holidays.

Anyhow-- Here's my Aldi/Sam Price Book--which you can see is quite simple. Not all of it is up to date, but it is very serviceable for the most part. And yesterday it did save me money to have this info at hand! I usually put an * in front of items that are lower than I've seen them anyplace else.

Aldi And Sams Pricebook
Last Updated Jan. 09

Sams Club

Milk- 1 gallon- 2.59
*Milk-1 gallon (jan 09) 2.58
Cottage ch 7.13 7/08 80 oz or 5lb. ( .089125 per ounce) Less than Aldi? *Aldi taste better more consistent--Aldi low fat tasted good too.
Cheddar 2# 6.42- 3.11/# ( dec08)
Cheddar 5# $13.28 per 5# = $2.656per #; ($1.328 per 8oz.) (end of 08)
*Cheddar 5# $12.27 = 2.454/#; (1.227/8oz) (Jan o9)
Mozarella 5#-$12.28/ = $2.56 per pound; $1.28 per 8oz.(dec 08)
*Mozarella 5# -10.87= $2.174/pound; $1.08/8oz.(jan 09)
Egg beaters--4 cartons 8.79= $2.197/carton
Egg Beaters 4 cartons- 8.58= 2.145/carton
Mozz Sticks 9.88/55+ sticks= $.179 per stick +/-
Asian Stir fry Veggies frozen- 4#8oz for 5.88=72oz= .081cents per oz veggies. Or $1.306 per #
Asian Stir Fry Veggies frozen-4#8oz/ $6.88 (jan 09)
Flour tortillas 36? 3.56 (dec o8) 4.24/32?
Seeded rolls- hb buns 12-2.28
Ckn sausage 11.84 down in Dec 08 to $11.73 (**estimated- make your own at ½ the price & healthier- if chicken is 1.97 per pound--Jan. 09)
Cascade Dish powder--9.28 ?oz
Clementine Oranges 6.88 per box *we didn’t eat all before they began to mold-refrigerate?
*Wine 5liter- blush 10.86
Folgers coffee 9.77 52oz/3#,4oz-- .1878 per ounce
Folgers Coffee 8.96 (jan.09-) 48 oz.
Ev Olive Oil- ‘bert riserva’ 9.61--very good quality! @ Sams 7/08 *didn’t stay fresh as long as I’d like
*Pure Olive Oil “Members Mark”---3liter, 101oz -16.54= .163/oz-( less than HT sale w/coupon price of .230/oz 1/09) * not evoo--but ‘pure’ may last longer, be lighter tasting--better for our uses)
Flour-25 # =7.26= .29 per pound
Spaghetti noodles 6# 5.34 (pasta is less at Aldi -last price=.84/#; sale price at HT for store brand-jan09-.93/#)
Pasta Sauce (Ragu) *compared to Aldi Jan.09/ Aldi store brand is fine and was less by nearly double, didn’t buy.
Rotini 6.52
*Rice-White Long Grain 25# for 10.49 = .419/pound-- (cheaper than last Aldi price of .596/# in dec.08)
Chicken Soup Base--3.47 makes 4 gallons, less sodium than canned broth
Pecans-2#=9.88 = $4.94 per #
Red Pepper Seeds- 3.86- 13.5 oz =.285/oz
Cayenne Pepper ground-4.42-16oz=.276/oz
Blk pepper whole-5.5
Charcoal *next visit start tracking charcoal price)

*Sausage for breakfast .89 same (could be less than homemade--but what is in it?)
*Butter 1.99/# on sale best price anyplace by far! same
*Pringles 99c 7/08 no longer available? Still not avail. 12/08
*Cotg chs 24 oz. 2.29 --.0954per oz. same Sams is less but not as good- the low fat is also good a@Aldi.
Milk 3.59 down to $3.29
*Oj--1.19 up $1.25
Flour tortilla
Fab softner liq 2.99 same 51oz
Fab softener sheets 2.99
Ziplx 1 gal 1.09
Ziplx 2 ga
Ziplz quart
Drawstring trash bags
Qtips .79 for 200
Frz Chicken breast-skinless/bonless 3#/ $5.99- marked 6.49? About $2/1# 7/08
Frz chicken legsq.
Cheddar/mozarella blocks 1.99 for 8 oz=3.98/#
*Spaghetti Sauce- .99/26oz same
Carrots -1.19/2# =.60 per # pound--not that sweet-- prefer HT if possible
Eggs--1.45 doz.
*Spaghetti noodles -1.69/2# .84/# same
Bell Pepper--1.89/3 peppers =.63 per pepper
White rice-- 1.79/3#; .596 per pound
Celery bunch 1.29--lg bunch, not the best but ok
*Ibuprofen--50ct .99 none in store in 12/08
Mexican beer-6pk /5.49 =.915 per beer--tastes fine, use in pizza dough (5.99for 12pk of south paw at FL)
Saran style wrap- 1.09 per 200ft=.00545 per foot
*Canned mushrooms-4 oz/.49 = .1225 per oz.
Pepperoni-1.99 for 8 oz - .2487 per oz same
*Saltine crackers-.89
Pepper assortment ? 12/08 1.49
Roma tomato 8 for $1.69
Stuffing mix-.79
*Pancake syrup-$1.39 (jan09-beat Aunt Jemima on sale, w/cpns @ HT) get lite syrup.

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