Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, January 19, 2009

Organizing Seeds, a Winter Garden Chore

This morning I am thinking of things I can do without moving around too much. I do plan to go out and get my groceries at some point today--or possibly tomorrow morning. One of the nifty realities of falling on your bum is that generally speaking it gets a bit more sore a day or two afterwards than it was at the moment of impact. Of course it is early in the day and so I expect it will not be quite as stiff later as now.

Anyhow I was thinking of things I can do while sitting in Hubby's wonderful office chair--which seems to have just the right amount of support and 'cush' for the tush.

I gazed down at my basket of seeds which is a total mess--I've got all kinds of seeds but they are not at all in order. Why not organize that today? Its something I've put off for months--maybe years actually. How should I do it? A little visit to gave me several good ideas, they have a little Seed Storage Gallery of photos that shows how some folks have organized their collections. I have a couple of photo boxes and had thought of that before but the idea I liked best was using a binder with clear pocket pages--so you can SEE what's in there.

Hmmm... where have I seen that idea before? At one time I used the same idea to store coupons, but the pockets were a tad small and I had too many coupons and I ended up opting for a method in which I don't cut them unless I need them--which is working far better for me. I still have the binder and it is green--very appropriate for a garden seed collection--and there was a little matching accordion file--which might be perfect for storing garden plans and notes and seed catalogs. Why not re-use that binder for holding seed packets? Perfect! Seed Packets can be much smaller than coupons--in fact has some great little print outs of seed packets I could even use those if I like. Just to be sure I printed out one page of packets and folded one up and tried it in my binder--and Voila! It fit perfectly in my smallest little pockets.

I am excited now as I have a useful project to occupy me while I am recovering from my semi-stupid accident (mentioned few posts back).

Its been too cold to work outside anyhow, and since I am temporarily laid up why not get my seeds in better order so that when I can get going at the new place I'll be more organized and able to see my seeds at a glance and decide what to use, when and where? Cool!

I have plenty of time on my hands today for a 'gently' sitting down project. Dinner is already pre-started--the dough and homemade sausage are in the fridge for pizza. Hubby and #2 Son will be gone to the new place working all day and I will be here enjoying playing with my seeds and dreaming of the New Pokeberry Garden on our own land!

Basically the only challenging aspect of my day is the grocery shopping thing--hmm... how to do that I wonder? Ouch ouch ouch. ;)

**Adding a quick note here-- I replaced the toner in my printer recently so its fine for printing out new seed packets and bringing some order to my seed chaos. What about paper? I have all kinds of paper that is used on one side--since it will be folded up to make little packets--I'm going to use that. Why waste new paper. See--I can be 'green', even if I do find this Global Warming/Climate Change/New Ice Age stuff a bit dubious. ;)


  1. Thanks for the link to the garden page!
    I had never heard of doing this, but it sound interesting. I believe I'm going to try it.

    Hope your bum gets to feeling better soon. Sometimes is sure does feel like "if it's not one thing, it's two", doesn't it?

  2. Yah.. its more like three sometimes too. ;) You will like wintersowing. I have done it sometimes in the past and usually most of the containers had quite a few plants in them for the garden. I like it because you don't have to set up any lights and you almost never have to water either--in fact some of my containers of seeds never needed watering after I planted the seeds until I took them out to put in the garden or in containers. has a wintersowing forum--this is where the site came from. They're great for helping folks learn the ropes.