Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, January 9, 2009

Out My Window This Morning

I am watching some little gray gold finches near the arch trellis. They are pulling seeds from one of my sock style feeders. They are in winter gray. The Carolina Jessamine planted in the troughs beneath the arch trellis is as green as ever in January and has begun to bloom with little yellow flowers. I love how there are things in the Carolinas that bloom in winter. My pale pink camellia has dozens of buds right now. It has done much better planted in the ground than it id in a pot. I never got cuttings growing from it--so I think I will dig it up and bring it along to the new house.

A little carolina wren is scratching at something hidden beneath one of the trough planters. A lovely red cardinal has been sitting up in the dogweed, he is the same color as the holly berries on the tree just behind him.

I spoke with my son late last night, he called to give me the latest update on Grandbaby's health. She is doing fine so far. Her temperature has stabilized and her liver enzymes are normal. We still don't know if she has a real problem or not. Tomorrow will tell when the tests are all in. Meanwhile she seems just fine. I asked for more photos. I've memorized the ones I have already. :)

I have my new garden in my head--I have been 'thinking it through' for the past week or two. It has moved to a sunnier location than the seller's garden was in. I've imagined it near the dining & kitchen windows on the south side of the house. The ground is not perfect but it will do. In my mind I am planting many raised beds with some sort of path between each one. I have a section for a bird seed garden, a bed for asparagus--to be grown from seed--it will take several years for it to produce but it will be very inexpensive. In front of the house I imagine a sort of orchard with pleasant herbs and flowers growing in a sort of terraced way. I imagine us sitting beneath small fruit trees forming a sort of courtyard.

Big plans. :) Little me to do the majority of the work. Obviously it will be pretty slow going. I don't have heavy equipment to help me out. Just a wheelbarrow and hand tools. The major resource I have for my project is a huge amount of concrete blocks in varying sizes and not all in the best condition.

I am thinking possibly I will partly bury concrete block and make it into bed borders--just slightly raised beds. Then I could slowly build brick and block and stone paths between beds. Perhaps with a more natural curve than solid block raised beds would have. I am not sure. Part of me wants the ordered look of beds marching in straight lines, part of me wants a softer looking garden. Maybe I will have both--just in different places. Maybe I will have softly shaded curving borders of foliage and flowers in the semi-shaded back yard?

What fun to be the owner of this land and to be able to make whatever I like of it!

That said, however, I also know I must scale back my plans and do things in small steps. A little at a time, and so I would like each step along the way to look acceptable on its own until the next steps are done.

A little side thought here about Global Warming. At the beginning of this week I had planned to work outside today because the weather was supposed to be in the 70s. Well, this morning it is 30 degrees and as of now the weather might reach 55.

I am always amazed at the arrogance of those who think they know what is going on with the earth--if it is about to warm everywhere or cool everywhere- in the long term. They do not even know enough to predict 3 days in advance much less decades.

It always makes me think too of those who believe they know how the earth began-- where they there?

"Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding," ~ Job 38:4

Thankfully I am not so smart that I must worry about keeping the earth going, I leave that to the One who actually is in control. ;)


  1. Out my window this sunny morning, I see the Cascade mountain peaks glowing with fresh snow, high above a sea of juniper trees. Mt. Bachelor, The Three Sisters, Mt. Washington, and Mt. Jefferson. Lovely, but I think I would trade it for your view of colorful birds and fresh new blossoms! Spring is coming, but here, we must wait!

  2. Boy, I dunno.. that sounds like a pretty darn good view!