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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Plan A or Plan B?

Yesterday I was out at our new house burning wood. I was absolutely floored when I got there--

I found out that in the past couple days the Seller actually did get ALL his junk off the property! It was down to the wire and he went over a day, but its gone.
All that was left is some things Hubby agreed to take. Part of that is a great deal of wood that needs to picked through--some is good useable lumber, much is wood that rotted and must be burned. I'm picking through the piles and sorting it and burning it. Its something I can do outside--there isn't anything for me to do inside yet.
I enjoyed my work yesterday, there was enough of a breeze and fresh air to keep the smoke from my fire out of my face--which is good. I could hear the neighbors donkey's braying and a rooster crowing and I even heard a goat. One of the neighbors stopped by looking for her pygmy goat, it had gotten loose. I hope she found him. We didn't see him. She came after I had gone home, but Hubby met her. Our first encounter with a neighbor!

One problem I had yesterday was that its hard to find the wood as it has been on the ground a long time and there are piles of oak leaves over everything. So I have been raking leaves off piles and then picking through wood. Today my Plan A was that I would take my leafblower out and make quicker work of clearing the back yard and finding all the piles and exposing them. I planned a day of picking and burning. I was also going to bring my birdhouses and feeders to the house and set those up. The yard is my domain for now until I can do things in the house I might as well work in the yard and garden.

Well about an hour ago I began to hear thunder and then pounding rain. It is possible it hasn't been raining at the new house--but most likely it has. The new place is about 30 minutes south of where we are now and it is actually a few degrees warmer there most of the time--which I like. The weather is not always the same there. Yesterday it was fairly cool here and dark all day, but when I got near the new place the sun was out and it was much warmer. I'm hoping that its not raining there and I can work plan A. Just in case I have a Plan B.

If I can't do picking and burning I am going to work on the shed. That same shed we were at one time considering for a temporary cabin and which it has now been decided will become a potting shed/greenhouse. If I can't work on Plan A today I will do some cleaning and organizing in my new shed. :) I will bring plants and pots and potting supplies out there and my seed collection and such like. I may be able to start planting seeds for the things I want to put in the garden in February.

Here in the Piedmont area of the Carolinas there is more than one growing season. They say there are two--the Fall and Spring Season. February would be the very beginning of the Spring season. We can still get frost up to about the middle of April--though it becomes unlikely then. In January we can plant onions and garlic. In February we can plant things like peas and a variety of cole crops such as: cabbage, cauliflower, brocoli, asian cabbage type plants. As Spring progresses the list of things to plant becomes longer. Since many plants need to be started as transplants not seeds--it is very helpful to start your own seeds. Around July it is time to start seeds for the Fall season which is all about lettuces and things that like it cool but not freezing. Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant and squashes are started a little later in Spring and enjoy the hot summers.

Right now is also a good time to get going on shrubs, trees and berry plants. Although working our our house is the priority--since I am not an 'integral part' of the current goings on inside the house there is no reason for me not to start the garden at the same time we are working on the house. I am no good when it comes to wiring and plumbing and carpentry. I will of course pitch in with insullating though and probably do something with the dry walling job--but--at that time I may be busy also getting things packed at this house. I am not 'strong' like Hubby and my kids so I know I Won't likely be able to hold up to dry walling all day--especially ceilings. But like the ants-- even those who are not strong can get a heckuva lot done--and I do.

Gardening for me is something I do in chunks. Kind of like the wood yesterday. I can take one or two pieces of wood at a time to a pile and burn it--I'm no bulldozer--but I am diligent and willing and a good worker. Good nuf. :)

On the Grocery Front lately--Yesterday I visited one of the grocery stores near my new place. The two closest stores are Food Lion and Bilo. Well--I haven't been to a Bi-lo in quite a while. They do double coupons and are usually a decent enough store--but there isn't one in my current neighborhood. The nearest drugstore is a Riteaid--which is the same one I use now. Grocery Game has lists for Riteaid, Bi-lo and Food Lion so I can shop at any of these. I love Harris Teeter--but it is further away now--I may just reserve it for those special weekends when they do the 3x coupons or for weekends when I have to go Lowes Hardware anyhow so I might as well stop there. I may start using the Aldi near where I work--or I think there is one near Harris Teeter and Lowes. Shopping is important so its good to start learning what's where and trying out the stores.

I didn't find that country farm store I was looking for, my fault I think. I didn't print out the directions--we're getting low on toner so I am avoiding using my printer much. I had thought it was going to be easy to find so I just 'headed there' and turns out I need to recheck the directions and try that again.

I did shop in the Food Lion near the new house last night and I was pleasantly surprised. It seems like a much nicer store than the ones in our area. The staff was friendly and outgoing and the aisles were wide and well lit and the customers seemed much less 'shadey' than some near us. I suppose it is the difference between country and big city. We live in a big city there are some seedy things here, no pretending otherwise. All in all, I thought--huh.. I could shop here quite happily. I plan to visit the Bi-Lo soon too.

Coupons lately have been sort of 'eh'. Not many come out during the Holiday season--but this week --Wow! My morning paper has 5 inserts in it! I'm going to purchase a couple extra papers this week. I do that whenever there are lots of coupons because by the time they expire I can be stocked up lots of things at very low prices. I may need to edit my Grocery Game membership to add Food Lion and Bi-Lo. I had just dropped Food Lion as I was really sick of the ones in our area--but I can do my shopping from the new place too--I'm going to be there every day I don't work from now on--if I can. I'm not sure what I'll be doing every time--but I will be doing something.

I'm hoping by the time we move in I'll be familiar with the area, have a nice tidy garden going, have the yard all cleaned up and organized and some shrubs planted and some areas weed free and mulched.

We are thinking about our travel plans to go see Ruby our new grand-daughter. Since Daughter-in-love ended up having a C-section we may wait just one more week and go in 3 weeks instead of in 2--to give them some alone time between flocks of visitors. I would like to have been there now--even before now--I'd have loved to have been there when she was born! But its not about us. Its about this new family. Grandparents I think are supposed to be supportive and helpful and that means being sensitive too. I kind of get the feeling that my son and his wife would like to have things calm for a little while as they are overwhelmed like most new parents. I can restrain myself--I think.

I've put my little picture of Baby Ruby on my laptop as my screensaver. I get to see her now everytime I turn on my pc. She looks more beautiful each time. I am hoping Son will send more pix today. The electronic age is quite a wonder! I had a photo of her within minutes after she was born!! Within another hour all my family and friends in far away places had pictures too. ;)

Well it is dark out yet, the rain still falling here in Pokeberry~the rental. I can't wait to go to Pokeberry~our permanent home later this morning and getting going on something--Plan A or B--no matter, just do something!

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