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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Progress on the House

We have figured out a pattern to get things done even on days when we have to be at our jobs. Our new house is a good 30 minutes from where we live, and we have figured out that during the work week--its just plain tough to trek out there and work. This doesn't mean nothing gets done on those days. Hubby brings some of his tools home every time he works at the house, and now he uses them here as well. He has set up in the garage to make cabinets for the house. He is making the bathroom ones fairly simple, we will spend a little extra on the kitchen ones, I want them made of a beaded board type thing-- they sell panels of wood that has that wainscotting look. We'll use that for the front and the doors in the kichen only since they are more visible. The cabinets will all have a simple clean country look--which is what I like anyhow and is also less pricey to make than fancier cabinets.

We have sinks (second hand sinks) for all the bathrooms already, but needed cabinets to go under them. Hubby is making them to size, mainly of plywood which we will paint. Nothing fancy but they will be useful and cost us much less than pre-made. It may be hard to drive out to the house after work, but when he's finished his dinner and short nap, Hubby is fine with going out to the garage and making a cabinet.

For our kitchen sink and countertops Hubby has his mind set on molding and polishing concrete! Not my pick--I don't know what I think of it, but he is campaigning to win me over. He just wants to try making them. He wants to make a big farm sink of concrete! I guess this is a new trend. I'm ok with it--but it had better be serviceable. Doing it yourself of course does make it less expensive. Hubby knows how to make laminate countertops too--he worked in a cabinet shop for awhile back when #1 Son was a baby. Over the years whenever we need something Hubby likes to try to do it himself. The only thing he ever wants for gifts is tools and so he has amassed quite a collection of tools in 28 years of marriage. (or is that 27?)

On weekends and using some vacation days-- Hubby can devote full long days to working on his house. This weekend--again--we have hopes of finishing all the plumbing and wiring. We had thought that might go a little faster than it did, but its best to tackle problems at this stage and there were quite a few. There are still a couple things to do with the structure that need changing--but we think those can be fixed after the rough-in inspection which we are hoping to have next week. God willing.

#2 Son is our help right now, and he is sick with a bad cold. He stayed home yesterday and rested and expects to go out and work with his Dad today. The two of them should be able to get it done. He starts school next week but it is not every day and he can work on the house usually by himself as well as with his dad. He has been a big help with the wiring and plumbing.

I am working today but am off Sunday and Monday--I have duties at home as well--so I am not near as much use at the house as I'd like to be. Still I do go and do what I can, when I can, and I keep meals, shopping, cleaning and laundry going. I have cleaned up a great deal of the yard now and will do more soon and start my garden--though I have struggled so much with allergy and asthma lately that I too feel myself behind--not too much though.Its actually a little bit early to do most of what I want to do anyhow-so its ok at this stage if I am under the weather.

Our #3 son is considering moving back home again. The condition is that he must go to school--it would have to be next semester as this one is started. We would LOVE to have this kid home, he is so handy and such a great worker it would certainly help get this house going. However--we want first what is best for him. He is 21 and needs to be actively preparing for adult responsibility. He has been working at UPS in Wisconsin, mainly loading trucks. We know he's a good worker but we also know that isn't exactly his dream job. We figured it was the sort of job that would hopefully finally convince #3 son that school is not a bad idea. My hubby told him what the has told all the kids-- if you don't go to school, your job will pick you!

Of course we also know that even if you DO go to school you may not wind up in the job you want-- life is tough. We have always raised our kids to work hard and we hope that they will be better off for that. Right now, they are young, and I don't mind a little coming and going--but free-loading is another thing. None of that!

Well, no doubt if #3 son comes home he'll earn his keep--we certainly have things to keep him busy. ;)#2 will appreciate the help too.

I am somewhat tired this morning. On my to-do list before I head off to work this morning is to start the breadmaker with some pizza dough and to grind up some homemade chicken sausage--two flavors--one for pizza and a maple breakfast sausage for Sunday morning. I am having some coffee first.

I was up coughing again of course, every couple hours I was up. I have my new allergy med but I'm told it will be 2 weeks until it is at maximum effectiveness and that I shouldn't start a new steroid for my lungs until then. This is tough. I just want to sleep in my own flat bed and not bother Hubby with my constant getting up and coughing. Ugh!! I have to be patient I guess, but this is really getting old. I am way too familiar with the recliner in the living room!

I was so tired yesterday I didn't do some of the things I should have. I think also my concern for my grandbaby kind of was 'getting to me'. I cleaned. Yup--that always is my way to deal with stress, start cleaning something. I took apart the stove top and washed the kitchen rug. I cooked-- roasted a couple of chickens and had some comfort food for dinner. I'm so glad we had good news about baby! I'm sure it will be much easier now for me to concentrate on my to-do list for the new house. Worrying is such a distraction and how do you NOT worry when something so precious is at stake? I do have faith in God, and I know Jesus said not to fear or worry--but well-- I'm afraid I don't always listen very well.

Well I am enjoying a particularly strong cup of coffee--probably a good thing. I bought the coffee that was on sale yesterday at the Mexican Grocery--I had run out and I didn't want to wait for my grocery game shopping day-- so I went there as its the closest store and usually inexpensive. I didn't read the label though so I bought coffee that is ground strong for espresso!

Turns out it tastes ok--but is a little strong.Luckily its a small can. Since I have to work this morning and make my sausage and I'd rather just crawl back in bed--where I probably couldn't sleep anyhow-- I guess a strong cup of coffee is a good thing. Hopefully I'll be able to replenish my coffee stock at a good sale soon.

I think I'll have another cup, it is a bit too early to be running the Vita-Mix to make my sausage anyhow--as Hubby and #2 Son are asleep and that gadget is a tad noisy. A little time just to sip and relax is fine. I'm up too early anyhow. ;)

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