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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quiet in Pokeberry

I'm a little quiet. I've been a little worried about our Grandbaby, they've been doing some tests. Most are normal, but they are keeping her until Saturday now to check for viruses. It seems she has some trouble holding her temperature, it has been running 2 degrees below normal--which is serious in a newborn. She also had some positive signs of potential virus in a liver enzyme test. She seems normal otherwise. If they do find virus she will have to stay in hospital another 2 weeks for intensive treatment. We are delaying our trip for now as we cannot see her if she is still in hospital.

I was up coughing alot last night and have given up on not using my inhaler--I need it. I'm going to call the Dr later today and see if I can get steroids again perhaps. Its frustrtating becuase I have been having trouble since before Thanksgiving and usually the coughing and airway symptoms have been much more controllable than they are this year.

I'm glad I have most of today off, I may just take it easy--though I do have some cleaning to do and haven't begun my wintersowing yet. I did pick up most of the seeds I need though. I don't have to be to work until dinner time.

Outside I can hear a blue jay crying as he flys about the neighborhood. Here in my kitchen Sweet Pea is munching an early breakfast while Bubba naps on his perch. #2 Son has taken Daughter to the airport, she is flying out to California to visit her boyfriend and his family. She'll be gone a few weeks.

Not much is happening right now, I guess lack of sleep is catching up with me a bit, and a little baby-size dose of worries. Hope that is all ok. She certainly looks healthy in her photos! I've also heard her cry and I would say her lungs seem pretty good. Chances are she will be just fine, they are being cautious with her, as they should.

Well I'm just too pooped to write this morning I think. I guess I'll have my coffee with my feet up. ;)

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