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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ready for Inspection!

Hubby made his last bit of changes and put in the last couple of plumbing pipes yesterday. #2 Son is going out to the house to sweep up after his class today. We are now officially ready for our rough-in inspection. We bought the house Dec. 4th and Hubby, with whatever help was available has made numerous changes to the structure and finished all the wiring and plumbing since that date. The Seller finally got all his 'junk' off the land and out of the house about the 2nd of January. We have owned a house now for 49 days and it is ready to be inspected by the county. Hubby says there may of course be some changes needed after inspection--but he thinks not major. Once we have the ok from the county we will start insullation and ductwork and install a furnace of some sort. We have to go with a cheap furnace for now--in later years we can improve on that. There will be another inspection when the insuallation and furnace are in and then we can put up sheet rock--and at some point soon after that we can move in! Things are moving right along.

#3 Son will be here to help in a couple of weeks and my brothers who do painting and drywalling 'may' come down in February--we shall see. They expect to be laid off during what is early spring here as their work in Wisconsin is seasonal. We may end up the beneficiaries of those lay offs.

I'm pretty excited that we've come this far. It did take longer than we thought it would after the first inspection--but not as long as we had planned for before we bought the house--so we're ok. It turned out many things had to be re-done, as Hubby got going, when you expose one problem is like the layers of an onion and there are more problems. He thinks he has things pretty well in hand now.

Last night I had a dream that an inspector was going through the house and had a sort of sour personality and said that he wasn't pleased at how long it took us to get to this point. Dreams are sometimes just dumb. I know the real inspector is actually quite a nice guy and willing to work with us and will likely be amazed at how much better the place looks than it did about a month ago. :)

I am busy planning how to landscape the place, where to put gardens, what to do with the old shed and chicken coop--Hubby and I have reached a final agreement that we almost certainly will NOT have chickens afterall. That's fine. I think the chicken coop will become a potting shed/green house and the bigger shed--I think should become a guest cabin--but we shall see. First things first and that is the actual house.

Right now I am looking at photos of large landscapes in a new book called: Plant-Driven Design. It has some photos that I like the looks of for some of the larger areas of the property like the big sunny hill in front and, the fringes of the woods surrounding the back and side yard. The actual plants used in this book however may not work in our area so I am getting 'ideas' from this book and then researching to find comparable looking plants that will do ok in the Piedmont area of South Carolina in the sort of conditions that exist on my land. I'm using the internet and my copy of The Southern Gardener's book of Lists to aid my search. I may also spend some time on asking lots of questions in the various forums.

First do your homework, then do your real work--that's the best way to go with projects I think. ** I usually find books to do my homework FREE at the library.

We sure have come a long way, from looking at old rusty singlewide trailers and ghetto fixer uppers to finally finding and buying a real house--albeit unfinished--on over an acre! Wow, I'm actually impressed with us. ;) It will be good to get this thing to the point where we can actually move in--after that--I hope we'll have years to work on it and make it really nice. To the new Pokeberry!

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