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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sams Club & Aldi Price List updated Jan 19 2009

Click Here for a ** More recent update--
This is my most recent update of my Sams & Aldi Price List--it does not contain everything they sell just things I am interested in-at the stores in the Charlotte NC area-but might help others. ;)

Last Updated Jan 18, 09

Some deals at other stores for comparison:
Ht eggs 2.5 doz @2.97sale =.099per egg
FL rotel- sale/cpn= .75/10oz can

Sams Club

Milk- 1 gallon- 2.59
*Milk-1 gallon (jan 09) 2.58
Cottage ch 7.13 7/08 80 oz or 5lb. ( .089125 per ounce) Less than Aldi? *Aldi taste better more consistent--Aldi low fat tasted good too.
Cheddar 2# 6.42- 3.11/# ( dec08)
Cheddar 5# $13.28 per 5# = $2.656per #; ($1.328 per 8oz.) (end of 08)
*Cheddar 5# $12.27 = 2.454/#; (1.227/8oz) (Jan o9)
Mozarella 5#-$12.28/ = $2.56 per pound; $1.28 per 8oz.(dec 08)
*Mozarella 5# -10.87= $2.174/pound; $1.08/8oz.(jan 09)
Egg beaters--4 cartons 8.79= $2.197/carton
Egg Beaters 4 cartons- 8.58= 2.145/carton
Mozz Sticks 9.88/55+ sticks= $.179 per stick +/-
Asian Stir fry Veggies frozen- 4#8oz for 5.88=72oz= .081cents per oz veggies. Or $1.306 per #
Asian Stir Fry Veggies frozen-4#8oz/ $6.88 (jan 09) (ht sale/cpn gg froz. Veg. .07/oz & vegall frz-sale/cpn-.025/oz)
Flour tortillas 36? 3.56 (dec o8) 4.24/32?
Seeded rolls- hb buns 12-2.28
Ckn sausage 11.84 down in Dec 08 to $11.73 (**estimated- make your own at ½ the price & healthier- if chicken is 1.97 per pound--Jan. 09)
Cascade Dish powder--9.28 ?oz
Clementine Oranges 6.88 per box *we didn’t eat all before they began to mold-refrigerate?
*Wine 5liter- blush 10.86
Folgers coffee 9.77 52oz/3#,4oz-- .1878 per ounce (jpg @ht jan09/ .067/oz)
Folgers Coffee 8.96 (jan.09-) 48 oz. .1866/oz
Ev Olive Oil- ‘bert riserva’ 9.61--very good quality! @ Sams 7/08 *didn’t stay fresh as long as I’d like
*Pure Olive Oil “Members Mark”---3liter, 101oz -16.54= .163/oz-( less than HT sale w/coupon price of .230/oz 1/09) * not evoo--but ‘pure’ may last longer, be lighter tasting--better for our uses) (Crisco oo @ht sale/cpn jan 09-.206/oz)
Flour-25 # =7.26= .29 per pound
Spaghetti noodles 6# 5.34 (pasta is less at Aldi -last price=.84/#; sale price at HT for store brand-jan09-.93/#)
Pasta Sauce (Ragu) *compared to Aldi Jan.09/ Aldi store brand is fine and was less by nearly double, didn’t buy.
Rotini 6.52
*Rice-White Long Grain 25# for 10.49 = .419/pound-- (cheaper than last Aldi price of .596/# in dec.08)
Chicken Soup Base--3.47 makes 4 gallons, less sodium than canned broth
Pecans-2#=9.88 = $4.94 per #
Red Pepper Seeds- 3.86- 13.5 oz =.285/oz
Cayenne Pepper ground-4.42-16oz=.276/oz
Blk pepper whole-5.5

Aldi--Updated 1/19/09
*organized by store order as of 1/09

Aisle 1:
Pringles 99c per can --low fat
Saltine Crackers-.89/box
Pancake syrup-$1.39
Mexican beer-6pk /5.49 =.915 per beer--tastes fine, use in pizza dough (5.99for 12pk of south paw at FL)
Baking Soda-.43/1#
Peanut butter--Creamy & Crunchy-$1.39/18oz=.077/oz (*GG Jif brand @HT 1/09--1.67/18oz. No deal!)
Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce- $1.79/28oz-= .063.oz

Aisle 2:
Chicken Stuffing Mix-.89/6oz box, =.148/oz
Tea Bags-$1.69/100 bags=.016 per cup of tea-- I like the flavor, mild.
White Vinegar-.79/32 oz=.024/oz
Flour tortilla
Corn Tortilla
Spaghetti -1.69/2# .84/# same
White rice-- 1.79/3#; .596 per pound
Pepperoni-1.99 for 8 oz - .2487 per oz same

Spaghetti Sauce- .99/26oz same--good nuf, use mushroom variety on pizza
Canned Whole Kernel Corn- .49/15.25=.032/oz
Canned Kidney Beans- .55/15.5oz= .035/oz
Canned Spinach-.49/13.5oz= .036/oz
Canned mushrooms-4 oz/.49 = .1225 per oz.
Canned Stewed Tomato-.49/14.5oz= .033/oz
Canned Diced Tomato-.49/14.5oz-.033/oz
Canned Diced Tomato & Chilis (compare to Rotel) .49/14.5oz=.033/oz (*compare to Rotel sale/cpn deal of .70/10.5oz= .066/oz--TWICE the price! For name brand)
Canned Tomato soup- .49/10.5oz=.047.oz (*GGcmpbells @ht-.48ea)
Aisle 3:
Fab softner liq 2.99 /51oz=.058/oz
Fab softener sheets 2.99
Ziplx 1 gal 1.09
Ziplx 2 ga
Ziplz quart
Saran style wrap- 1.09 per 200ft=.00545 per foot *not as sticky ?
Drawstring trash bags- $6.29/56bags= .112/1 bag
Bleach- $1.29/96 oz=.215/oz
Qtips .79 for 200--nice container fits in vanity cupboards, re-use for spices etc.
Ibuprofen--50ct .99 none in store in 12/08

Fresh Produce:
**Produce is ok , not always best-- unpack and wash asap. Use a little Truelemon in the rinse water it will be fine. Be choosy in the store!

Bell Pepper--1.89/3 peppers =.63 per pepper
Celery bunch 1.29--lg bunch, not the best but ok
Pepper assortment ? 12/08 1.49
Roma tomato 8 for $1.69
Carrots -1.19/2# =.60 per # pound--not that sweet-- prefer HT if possible
Head of lettuce-.69/sm-med. Head (*best if washed asap and bagged- rinse w/ lemon water)

Refrigerated Foods:
Eggs--1.45 doz.
Cotg chs 24 oz. 2.29 --.0954per oz. same price for lo fat-- both are good quality
Milk 3.59 down to $3.29
Bacon $1.99/16 oz--best priced of several brands
Butter 1.99/# on sale best price anyplace by far! *shelf marked 2.19, but rings up at 1.99 so far. Jan/09
Spinach, flat leaf in bag-$1.99/9oz
Cheddar/mozarella blocks 1.99 for 8 oz=3.98/# (Sam’s is about 2.50/#)

Frozen Foods:
Frz Chicken breast-skinless/boneless 3#/ $5.99- marked 6.49? About $2/1# 7/08
Frz chicken legqs.
Sausage for breakfast .89 same
Oj--$1.25/can makes 2 qts.

Household Goods at Aldi-- Things I have tried and liked or others have recommended
Striped beach towels $4+ea--like them! Summer 08
Red enameled cast iron dutch oven--nice! For $29--assorted others this week Jan. 19, 09
Citronella Candles in cans--3.99 08.
Ladies Hanes brand sweat pants-- nice price! 5.99


  1. Great list! I needed the vinegar price and your site popped up in my search. Awesome!

  2. Glad it was helpful Amy! I hope the prices are the same in your area as mine. I'm updating the list today as I just found a receipt I missed. I have it updated to March 09 right now on my pc but haven't posted it here lately.