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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Signs of Spring in Pokeberry!

No matter where you live winter always seems long--even if its not much of a winter. When I lived in Wisconsin and in North Dakota I always noticed every little tiny sign that spring might be coming--of course in those places it was usually a long ways off when the first tiny signs showed up, and often a great deal more snow could fall before a real spring--especially in ND. Still--you just get excited in your heart, its like a little hopeful happy feeling.

Now that I live in the South-you would think I'd not be very excited by signs of spring--but not so. Our winter here this year was somewhat chilly, beginning sometime in the fall it was just unseasonably cool for the Carolinas. We had one day that was officially a 'snow day' this month--although thats kind of silly really. Here a snow day means that anything has accumulated at all on the roads--this time it was nearly 2 inches--that's drastic in Charlotte. Of course in the North that's just a dusting.

Well in any case, I'm seeing tiny signs of spring here.

The first thing I notice is that tree limbs begin to look livelier. I don't know that I see much in the way of buds--but you just wonder has the sap moved up or what? I mean the branches just look brighter in color, you see browns and blacks rather than a dusty grayish apearance on the deciduous trees. The evergreens also get brighter, brighter green.

Next I begin to see changes in the birds. Yesterday morning I noticed a couple of little gold finches on the thistle feeder--with yellow feathers. In the winter they lose most of the yellow coloring and just look sort of gray. I also saw a chubby Brown Thrasher standing on the garage roof surveying the yard. Last year there were several clutches of baby thrashers that hatched from nests in a hedge along the driveway. I haven't seen thrashers here in months. Perhaps it is time they start to look for a spring ground. They like a supply of insects--which my garden was very generous to provide last year, they also seem to like shrubs to nest in. I can't wait to make the new house a bird haven like this one has been!

Winter is a gray season. The last couple winters we spent in Charlotte it wasn't that gray--the sky remained blue more often than not--which was amazing to us having just moved from Fargo where there simply was not any blue for months. This year was different. It rained a great deal this winter and the sky has been overcast, foggy or gray I think more often than not. Yesterday I saw a little parting of the clouds and a tad of blue. But then it rained while I was at work.

The rain was wonderful though. After work I walked to my car and saw that the shrubs near the parking lot had more brightness and color than before, and small leaves and some buds. I also saw daffodils coming up! Definite signs of spring. :)

When I got home I was treated to a pink sunset behind the skeletons of trees in my backyard. I can hardly wait to live in our new place where the horizon is bigger and full of lovely pine trees and the sunset it huge.

We are having a 2nd rough in inspection today. The electric company has hooked up the box properly on the house now and all the little holes are caulked. Other work got done this week as well. Hubby & #2 son have framed in all the interior doors. We are buying wood doors, they are not very expensive but they do not come pre-hung. So Hubby and Son(s) must supply the framing and attach the doors the old fashioned way.

We've been talking more about the kitchen and the heat/ac. The heat is an expense we are hoping to find a way to drastically lower. Hubby knows someone who knows someone... so he is exploring that. ;) The kitchen sink is possibly going to be made of concrete. Hubby wants to make a big deep farm sink himself. He just has that in mind and won't let go of it. Its interesting.

Me, I'm thinking about the landscaping and the yard more than anything else. Its a huge canvas for me to paint with plants and paths. :) I won't be at the house this weekend as we are going to meet our Grandbaby, so I will have to wait to see if there are any signs of spring there.

The weather here will likely begin to warm up quite a bit in the next few weeks. Soon the Carolinas will be full of flowering trees. This is such a beautiful place to live. It does have its problems, but the climate and nature are amazing, and for the most part the folks are very friendly.

Another sign of spring will be more folks walking about outside, and more birdsong--although that never really stops here--it does get more elaborate as nests begin to be built.

Wishing you all an early spring no matter where you live!

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