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Monday, January 26, 2009

This Weekend at the New House...

Yesterday I was out at the new house where I worked in the yard. It was a mild weather day, about 45'. It reminded me of fall back in our old home in Wisconsin. We had a large burn pile and dispossed of a great deal of the old rotten wood left by the seller--we've been discovering more piles under the several years of oak leaves that are all about. It is remarkable that the ground in the backyard has nothing growing on it other than a few badly placed oak trees--which we'll probably cut down. I think it is due to the large amount of junk that the seller had on the land as well as maybe 5 years of oak leaves or more that were never removed. I've cleared a large area now, it is getting better.

I also removed some very ratty looking insullation from around the shed--which we think eventually would make a nice guest cabin for visiting relatives--it would be nice to fix it up for that purpose when we are able. Our extended family all live in different parts of the country now--except three of our college age kids who will be staying with us until they can get themselves established well enough to get their own places--hopefully that will include school for more than just the one who is a student now. Times are tough out there, I guess I am willing to put up with a few more years of kids in the house--thankfully we'll soon be in a much larger one.

While we were at the house, Hubby and #2 Son removed the chicken wire fencing that was surrounding the seller's old tomato garden. I pulled up all the posts and old plants and burned them--old tomatos are not good in a compost pile as they can carry plant diseases and effect a new crop if you compost them. I pulled up all the metal fence stakes that were used as tomato support and so that chore was begun. I took a basket of bulbs to the house but didn't plant them--they were starts for shallots, onions and garlic and some day lillys. I want to start the lillies in garden bed and next fall I hope to dig them up and 'scale' them to start more plants. This is a process where you sort of peel apart the bulb to plant it in many sections so you get more plants quickly. Also if the plants produce any little bulbils I will plant those too. Whatever plants I have I hope to multiply.

Right now I have been thinking what I need to do with my little rooted shrubs that I made last summer is use some of them to trade for plants I don't have. I think I will always keep a nursery area in my new yard so I can propagate new landscape plants. The land needs alot of plants and I am in no way able to afford to just go out and buy them all full grown.

I'm working early this morning, and I am up early I want to pull my coupons for Harris Teeter so I can stop at the grocery store after work. We'll have sandwhiches for dinner I think so I won't have to cook, nor will Hubby.

I am thinking I need to get used to putting in more hours in a day--getting more accomplished. There is so much to be done in order to get us all ready to move to our new place. It will also be better for me to work more I think.

Anyhow yesterday #2 son caulked all the many little holes between the first and second floor of the house--holes made for plumbing or wiring. It is a fire safety code that they must all be caulked with fire retardent caulk. He is going to pick up another tube of caulk and finish that job today as well as attend his classes. Hubby will be on call to run out and meet an engineer from the electric co-op who will come to see what needs to be done to hopefully mount the meter on the house and to get the electric power properly hooked up to our box. That will complete all that the inspector wanted done to pass the rough in. However-- it is highly possible that a different inspector will come to re-inspect and he may have some different things for us to do. There have been three different inspectors through the house so far and it seems they all see different things when they come--sometimes contradicting each other! I guess we will be ok with this--we want it all safe and done right so we just need to be patient.

I am working but hope to get groceries and a hair cut done after work. So this will be a long day. Its also somewhat sad at work right now--one of our favorite volunteers passed away unexpectantly and he usually works today and was just such a fun person to be around. Its been hard to comprehend. His wife is a co-worker and we all feel for her as well as miss him. Life is full of hard things.

Anyhow this will be a busy week. I'm working most of my hours earlier in the week as I won't be here for the weekend. I'm finally getting to go and meet my new grandbaby! I've gotten new photos of her and it is just a 'teaser' for the real thing. I can't wait to hold her and kiss her and feel her warm, soft little baby cheeks and fingers. :)

Life is also full of wonderful things!


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  2. Looks like things are going great! Especially getting to go see the new granddaugher!!! I haven't been leaving comments so much lately...been so busy! But I have been reading!!! :)

  3. Hi Lacy, thanks for the invite--I'll take a look at what you have, neat!

    Hi Julie--Things are exciting--I have a photo of little Ruby on my laptop and she looks right at me every morning. ;) In a few days I will be holding her! I'm a wee be worried about an 8 hour plane trip with a sore tail bone though.. but I'm sure she'll be worth it. :)