Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, February 28, 2009

3 Day Weekend of Rain and Snow?? Snow??

Well I had my little heart set on gardening this weekend. The rain began yesterday and has only picked up here. Right now it is a good steady soaking. Tomorrow night we are told to expect snow!.

I guess I have other things to do. I'm going to work on my pantry--getting some items stocked back up again in there and in my freezer, use my Sam's membership before it expires, see how well I can do planning a coupon shopping trip without using my grocery game-- as I am thinking of letting that membership go soon. I'm not sure about it, but the new house really the only store I want to shop at much in that area is Food Lion--which doesn't double coupons. I think maybe my GG days are nearly over. :( It will still be some months, but since I am having a hard time doing my shopping on the correct days for GG anyhow--I may not re-up that membership.

I'm always looking at what we are doing with money--in particular our spending. I'd like to say I could bring in more money--but right now looks like that's not likely. The job market is awful around here, even worse where we are moving. My job, which I used to hope was going to lead me to a full time position is on the chopping block--and although there is a slight chance I may still have it in July--its a very slight chance. We will be almost certainly taking a hit there. My income was enough to pay for all our groceries. I need to figure out if there are more ways I can stretch our income, and any ways I can add to it.

Same boat as most folks, but maybe with a head start on some.

This is all on my mind as I am also thinking about what can I do to help some family members--if anything, and what should I do--if anything? Really hard choices to be made and somewhat stressful too.

I've got some library books on various topics and I'm 'brewing ideas' all the time.

Well, since I can't be outside gardening this weekend, I can do more wintersowing--so that's good. I can also get my errands done and my laundry and tidy the house more.

There's always something to do in Pokeberry.


  1. Right now we are all rain. Expecting snow tonight.

  2. I'm watching the temp, so far we're about 3 degrees too warm for a blizzard--if it goes down--this is a heckuva lot of rain to convert to snow. This could be quite a lot of snow for here.

    Glad I got my milk. ;)