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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hiring Freeze and Budget Cuts... Hold On Tight..

When I came back from my trip I found out that we are not getting the new staff member we had thought we were at our library. All the employment ads were removed from the library website. There is a freeze on new jobs until at least June. We are supposed to cut 10% or 15% off our budget for the rest of this fiscal year--which I think ends in June and also for next year. The Director of our system sent an email to staff asking for cost cutting ideas.

I think--the big costs are of course materials, books--which you need to be a library--staff to do the work, and the buildings and the costs to run them. What will effect enough of a cut? Right now they hope to do this without cutting jobs, just not filling positions that become vacant. To me this means we are going to be working much harder, for the same pay and perhaps take more hour cuts or end up unemployed. I thought when this all began that perhaps my job would be safer since I am government employed--now I am seeing our county has a budget short fall of 90 million, at least that is the figure I have read. I am unbenefitted and part time--the bottom of the totem pole. We go first historically.

Being realistic I guess I will just take it as it comes.

Still, last night I had a weird dream. All the part-timers were sitting in a room and they were deciding which of us to let go--were there any volunteers?

Hmm... who should lose the job? The single mom who is a student? The 2 ladies whose husband's are retired just trying to make ends meet? Me, the one who just bought a new house that needs to be finished and whose hubby is taking a large cut in pay? The other working mom, the new widow?

Jobs matter so much. My heart goes out to all those mine workers I read about in the local paper at my son's house. The whole town is about to be unemployed. Here come the hard times.

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