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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Houseplant Shower, Adult Kids at Home...

Last night we had quite a storm while I was driving home. Rain came down pretty hard and the wind was very strong. I had to take care not to be blown off the road--which is I think the first time I've experienced weather like that here. It all had ended by the time I pulled up in my driveway, just began when we closed the library and continued all along my drive. It was a great soaking for the garden! Outside things are looking brighter and greener this morning. The birds are quite active again. Right now the vigilant mockingbird who is usually sitting atop the holly tree guarding his berries is enjoying a sip at the birdbath. There are doves, sparrows and finches flitting about in the garden.

This morning I gave all my houseplants a nice shower too. I put the orchids in the sink where they were sprayed with luke warm water and then I fed them with a liquid orchid food solution I keep in a gallon milk jug. I also fed my african violets-but they don't get a shower. They are in pretty tea cups and I just lift the little plants out and fill the cups half way with water then put the plants back in. This way they soak but don't get their leaves wet.

My orchids are getting ready to bloom, I have missed their flowers for some months now and am excited about all the new buds.

My 'regular' houseplants went in the shower for a deep shower/soak. I'll put them back in their places later today when they are done drip drying.

I like to shower the plants at least once a month, maybe twice. I don't really water them much in between. I keep plants that don't need much water in the house, succulents, a lemon grass and some others that like to get fairly dry before watering. In summer most of them will go outside on a semi-shady porch and when there is a nice rain I move them to the steps so they get free water. ;) When they are outside they do need to be watered more as the heat here dries pots out quickly. This is why I keep them semi-shaded. Very few plants can take the direct sunshine we have here. Plant showering day is always a great day to do a bit of dusting and vacuuming and make the house shine as nice as the plants. :)

Well Its going to be a busy day for me. I've got an errand or two to run right now then I am spending the day packing up things to store them more out of the way--perhaps at the new house. We have some big shelves in our garage attic here that we didn't use this move because the garage already had built in shelving. #2 Son and Daughter are going to get those down and haul them to the new house so I can begin to store things in the basement. #3 Son arrives tomorrow night so Hubby's office needs to be disassembled and condensed to fit in our bedroom--which is why my stuff is heading to storage. We need to condense ourselves even more.

This house is feeling much smaller than it used to.

Adult kids living at home, that's getting to be quite common these days. We just heard from #1 Son that he and his wife have taken a serious look at their own budget and all the newly acquired medical bills from little Ruby's rather dramatic and pricey birth and extra time in ICU while they decided if she was ill or not. Also looking at daycare costs they have come to the conclusion that they need to make a drastic step to get themselves all out of debt. They are putting their cute little condo on the market and moving in with Daughter-in-law's Dad who has a big 4 bedroom house all to himself and wants to help them out. This way little Ruby's Mommy can stay home with her and #1 Son will take the bus to work from now on so his wife can use the car to get out some with Baby. They believe the house sale should clear all debt and give them a chance to save for something more appropriate to a family in the future and also so #1 Son can up his education a bit and try to climb the ladder a bit in his field thus enabling his wife to be a stay at home Mom or perhaps only work part time.

I think in the long run, it does seem like a good idea for them. There was a short time years ago, after we had our first baby that we moved in with Hubby's folks. We were not there long, but Hubby was able to get more education and I worked and we found a very inexpensive apartment to get through that time. It was hard. I remember that well. In the end however it all worked out.

My sister and her family stayed with my folks for a while when saving for a home, and her oldest son did the same thing before he bought a home recently and he is now getting married.

I think this is getting more and more common. Maybe we are all going to end up depending on family again more like in days far gone? So much is too expensive these days, sometimes pooling ourselves together makes a big difference. Our kids are not paying us rent right now as we are doing this to help them--however--I can't imagine Hubby and I doing the work at the new house without their young muscles. Its a fair trade. I'm happy too that South Carolina has an education lottery and I think it will pay a big chunk of tuition for the kids. The rest they will hopefully be able to pay without getting in debt if they stay at home or perhaps eventually rent a mobile home or something inexpensive like that.

Sure Hubby & I would like to have time alone.. but who knows? Maybe someday we will need their help as much as they need ours.

Family is family.

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