Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lovely Day Working at the House

We worked at the new house yesterday, it was a gorgeous day-- in the 70s! The upstairs is finished being insullated, except for the ceiling. We made a 'gig' on the floor to help cut the insulation more quickly. It has since been moved to a table so it won't be so hard on backs. The kids enjoyed dismantling the little chicken coop. We saved some of the best wood, the rest went on the burn pile. Hubby jacked up awall in the dining room and replaced a sill under some windows that was badly bowed. It was sticking out about 3 inches! He thinks the original owner actually built the house with a warped sill--why? Well maybe it was all he had, much of what he used was 2nd hand, some of which we decided to keep/some we decided not to. We kept the toilets, sinks and one bath tub for instance, but we bought a new one to use instead of another, and we are not using his thin plastic water pipes in our walls--perhaps we will use them to irrigate garden areas though. Outside, where they are barely buried, they have frozen and broken in 3 places this winter. Very annoying--quite often Hubby has to fix a leak when he comes to the house to work. There was another one yesterday.

Hubby & Kids went to the house before me. I went to Harris Teeter and picked up my coupon deals and some things to make hotdogs for lunch. I brought the top grill from our weber kettle and mounted it on some cement block and made a little fire to cook the h. dogs. I worked on the little shed, setting up a clean kitchen area for our use while we are working. Because there was a pipe leaking the water had to be shut off--making lunch preparations difficult. I had to wait for Hubby to fix it, and so our lunch was turkey dogs and chips, the rest of what I brought was skipped as the kids and Hubby were too hungry to wait for me to prepare them after the water was fixed.

The shed/cabin will be functioning as both a bathroom and a kitchen, and a storage area for our use while we work on the house. I made a list of all the things I need to bring out there to complete our temporary kitchen. I hope to make that much better today. Yesterday I scrubbed it clean and began to organize and stock it. I am thinking perhaps... I will get an air mattress to keep there--maybe Hubby and I could sleep there sometimes on weekends? We shall see. Next weekend I am off work and the kids are going to spend the weekend at their friend's place an hour away--we could have a little alone time on our land! It would be much less driving around, could save us some time. Plus--I think it would be kind of fun. Only problem is Hubby has dismantled the shower that was in the shed--it was not a very nice shower--but I suppose we could just wash up in the sink. I guess I will see if I can find a 2nd coffee pot. I am already hunting for a small microwave on Craigslist and I think we have a little camp stove in the garage--open fire cooking is useful--but there are times when it is not the best. I can bring a few small appliances out there too.

I'm glad the weather is warming up. We will have to take our treadmill down in order to make space for a bed of some sort for our youngest son. We'll need to walk outside more now. I guess it looks like he'll have to sleep in Hubby's office until we move--I don't know if we will take all the rest of the office down just yet. It is temporary--I think we'll just try to make do. I hope he won't mind much. It may be more of a nuisance for Hubby though, as he works in there quite alot.

Well, today Daughter and I are going to the house alone. We will pick up about 10 rolls of insullation and some staples and tape on our way. I also want to bring more supplies for my new temporary kitchen. Hubby has to go to work, and #2 Son has classes. She and I will do what we can do. Perhaps she will hang the insullation and I will cut and staple? Having the kitchen there to take breaks in that will help me work longer I think. The more we get done each day the closer we are to moving! Exciting!


  1. I lived on the property I owned in Fl for years without running water.
    I brought water home in 1 gal milk containers.

    When I married, my now ex-husband taught me how his Appalachian family lived without running water for showers.

    To wash both your body and hair, use 2 one gal. jugs of water. Pour about 1/4 of the water out of each jug into a pot and bring to a boil. Replace the water in the jug, replace the jug lid and turn it a few times so that it mixes the hot water in with the cool water.

    Next, lean over a large pot and pour the water over your head to wet it. You want the water to drain into the pot - it's clean water, you're just wetting your head. After you head is wet, use a little shampoo to wash it. (Actually, I now use about 1 TBS of baking soda dissolved in 16 oz of water. Pour over wet head and massage in and then rinse.) Use the water that you wet your hair with to rinse your hair, pour slowly. (I then follow that with 1 TBS of apple cider vinegar in 16 oz of water and rinse that out. No, you don't smell like a salad. The smell dissipates.) I could wash and rinse my longish hair with a single gallon of water.

    To clean your body, wet a wash cloth, wash and then rinse with the other bottle of water.

    It works a treat! We're just of the opinion that you have to have the water running all the time and be completely wet to bathe.


  2. Oh, yeah. After the first child came, someone gave us a 500 gal "water buffalo". We would fill the tank with water from a friend's house, tow it home and drop a sump pump into it. The pump hose was attached to the water in port to our trailer. When we needed water, we would plug in the pump. (had to turn off the window a/c or it would trip the fuse, so doing laundry was a HOT prospect!) But we didn't have a well of our own until child #2 was 9 months old.

    So I lived from 1984 to 1992 with limited running water. At first, I used a solar shower outside (BRRRRR, North Fl gets COLD in the winter!) and a port-a-potty inside and would bury the waste from it.

    I moved up to electricity and a septic tank after about 9 months. After about 3 1/2 years I learned the water jug trick, 4 1/2 years we got the buffalo and at 8 1/2 years we got the well.

    And I'd do it all again, in a heart beat, if I could just get land of my own!

  3. I'm a little jealous of Jackie Clay over at Backwoods Homes, she lives in Minnesota and they don't have the sort of restrictions in her county as they do here. I would not be allowed to move onto our land without having pretty much everything in place. It'd be a hassle not to have it all at first, but we could have saved thousands in rent here if we could have just stayed at the house-also it would have been easier to work there every day. But-- this is ok too, we just need to get it done as quick as we can so we can stop paying rent. Als0--we had a well pump die on us back in Wisconsin and it was a while before we had the $$ to fix it. We learned lots of water tricks too. ;) Well.. I should go soon, Bubba is giving his food dish the evil eye.